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Doesn’t this sound like something from a sci-fi flick?

A couple of weeks ago, Tim Flannery, an Australian scientist, said that global warming was becoming so dire that we would have to resort to “global dimming” in order to stop it. Global dimming would dim the sun and keep the earth from heating up. To achieve this, we would have to put sulfur into the Earth’s stratosphere. They would do this by adding something into jet fuel. Putting sulfur into the air would also change the color of our skies–I’m assuming to a yellowish color, since sulfur is yellow.

This is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard in my life. One, have you ever smelled sulfur? It smells like ass. I don’t know if we would be able to smell it or not, but I’m assuming it would put off some sort of odor, even if it was really high up, right? Two, isn’t sulfuric acid what causes acid rain? Wouldn’t putting sulfur in the atmosphere cause acid rain???

And also, doesn’t this kind of remind you of that part in The Matrix where Morpheus talks about the humans darkening the skies? Kinda creepy.

I seriously think there would have to be better ways to stop global warming other than putting sulfur into the skies. Even Tim Flannery admits that he doesn’t know what the consequences should be. Shouldn’t that be something that’s researched before he goes off and says that we need to do it within the next five years?

And I know this is probably one of the most ridiculous reasons to be against this that I could possibly ever have, but I can’t help it, I’m a photographer. Can you IMAGINE how crappy all of our photos would look with a yellow tint to them? That would suck!!!

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