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Myths about “growing up.” And thoughts about growing up in general.

Remember when you were sick of college or high school and wanted to graduate?  I think I would happily go back to college again.  I took art classes.  LOVED my art classes.  I really kind of miss my art classes.  I guess I’m a dork, because I actually didn’t really mind going to class all that much.  I would definitely take college over a real job any day.  Plus, who wouldn’t want their summers off?!  The real world kind of sucks, and anyone that tells you otherwise is a lying bitch!  Sure, it’s nice to have steady income, but having a steady income doesn’t necessarily mean you’re no longer broke.  And dealing with insurance is the biggest pain in the ass you could ever possibly imagine. 

 Remember when you were in high school and you always had zits?  I remember thinking that when I turned 18, I would officially be an “adult,” and my zits would magically dissappear.  Not so.  Whoever gave teenagers the impression that zits would fade when they got older is a dirty bitch.  I think the occasional zit is here to stay. 

 Oh!  And remember that hot guy that was in your class in high school?  That guy that everyone had a crush on?  Yeah, he works at a liquor store/gas station/etc. now.  Not so hot anymore.  And your yearly salary is twice the amount of his.  I guess hotness doesn’t get you everywhere.    And I admit that I kind of love this, because that hot guy was kind of an asshole. 

During my senior year of high school, my English teacher kept telling my class that we weren’t ready for college yet, that we were going to have to write REALLY hard term papers, that were like, 50 pages long.  So to prepare us, she made us write a 20 page term paper.  And she was brutal when it came to grading it.  That woman LIED!  I was more prepared for college than most people I was in class with during my freshman year.  The hardest paper I had to write in college?  Oh, it was only about 8 pages, and it was a piece of cake.  And when we proof read eachother’s papers?  There are a few people out there that must have graduated high school by the skin of their teeth, because there was some BAD writing in my college English classes.  How do you get that far without knowing the difference between “than” and “then”???  (I admit that is one of my biggest peeves.  I had trouble with that in the freaking 3rd grade.  It’s not hard!  You should learn the difference between those two words in grade school!)  And why didn’t people learn what a run-on sentence was?  These papers were more difficult to read than Faulkner!  Ameliebee is even more of a grammatical nut than I am (much more so, actually), so I can’t imagine how many times she cringed while reading someone’s paper in class.  Hee. 

 Anyway, all in all, going from being 18to being 25 hasn’t seemed like much of a big deal.  Yeah, I’ve learned more, and I’m slightly more mature, but I don’t think I’m all that different.  How old are you when you officially start to feel like an adult?! 

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