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Take that, Scrabble!

As mentioned before, amelie and I are kind of addicted to playing Scrabulous on Facebook. And while we have no problem with the original Scrabble getting in on the Facebook action, we do have a problem with them taking away Scrabulous and replacing it with a Beta Scrabble that doesn’t even work!!! It’s just not a good way to make a first impression.

So we decided to boycott Scrabble. And now, we’re going with Wordscraper . Try it. It’s a suitable Scrabulous replacement. It’s pretty much the same thing, except with circles instead of squares. That, and their point system is a bit… wonky. For example. I spelled the word “HO” and got 36 points (amelie: We started this particular game with “porno” and “movie” Just in case you were wondering…). What?! How?! That, and it tells you that your word is worth 10 points, but then when you play the word, it says you got 14 points. That’s okay, though. It’s better than nothing. (amelie: I think you mean, “It’s better than Scrabble.” Just guessing.)

So screw Scrabble. Go with Wordscraper!!! (amelie: wheee! I’m back to my normal levels of non-productivity at work! It’s faaabulous!)

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RIP, Scrabulous

kegger and I have an addiction. It’s sad, and there’s no cure for it, but we are addicted to Scrabulous. We have played…well, I can’t tell you how many games we have played. (kegger: I believe it was 23 games, amelie (really? Wow.). Which may not sound all that impressive, but it is since we’re doing it while we work! (That’s what she said.) (hee!) Sometimes a game takes a week, simply because we’re actually working like we’re supposed to.) Literally, I cannot tell you because the Scrabulous application on Facebook is gone. In its place we now have the beta version of Scrabble. We are not amused. (kegger: beta Scrabble SUCKS!!!)

There is nothing wrong with Scrabble wanting a piece of the Facebook action. If Scrabulous was infringing on Hasbro’s copyright or whatever, fine. I’m just reeling from a massive case of the DTs coupled with rampaging frustration at this beta version and I need to vent.

(kegger: my thought is, why didn’t the just like, take over the scrabulous application, or partner up with them, or have them pay them a little bit of money or something? Because seriously, the beta version of Scrabble is NOTHING compared to the awesomeness that was Scrabulous. And the least they could have done for us was to get their own crappy program working correctly before taking away our Scrabulous.)

My problem is with the game itself. The old version–Scrabulous–wasn’t particularly pretty, but it was easy to use and functional. (kegger: It was much prettier than the ugly 80’s version that beta Scrabble’s got going on.) It did all the stuff I wanted it to: keying in of words with the keyboard, refresh button, a chat function (just ’cause), quick load time. It was simple–no fancy footwork or distracting animation to take my mind off the fact that kegger just spelled “vulva” (kegger: HAHAHAHAHA! I’m proud of that one.) and I had all the letters for “penis.” –True story. I had the letters but not the spot, so sadly, “penis” never made it on the board.

Scrabble, in its beta form, is none of these things. I’m not a patient person (I’m the girl who will drive five minutes out of the way just so I don’t have to wait two minutes in traffic), so twiddling my thumbs while all this crazy useless animation loads is a deal breaker. Having to refresh the page to see if kegger has taken her turn means I have to sit through all that crazy useless animation all over again, and then I have a panic attack that it won’t load at all. (kegger: and the animation isn’t evey pretty. It’s boring and pointless and stupid.)

Look, we aren’t knocking the developers. It’s a tough position to be in, losing a beloved application and forcing this new and not-quite-ready-for-primetime replacement on the Facebook world. It’s a nice effort, but the kinks aren’t worth the payoff yet.

If kegger’s up to it, I’m willing to give it a try and hope that, when the non-beta version rolls out in August, it will be all that and a bag of chips. But right now, I’m in mourning, and Facebook Scrabble is going to be my scapegoat. (kegger: Um, August is just four days away. Are they going to have it ready by then?)

UPDATE–I just received this message when I tried to load the game:

We’re working on some tech problems and Scrabble will be ready to play as soon as possible!

We appreciate all the great feedback we’ve received over the past week and as a result we’re making changes to Scrabble for its official launch in mid-August, including a streamlined app with the option to turn-off animations for faster gameplay and full keyboard functionality for those who prefer this way to play.

Please continue to let us know how we can make Scrabble – the best word game on Facebook – even better!

– The Scrabble Team

Which is great, but what the hell am I supposed to do in the meantime? Work?

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