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Barney and Robin!

How I Met Your Mother
amelie: We’ll get to the kiss (!) in a minute, but there were other things happening in that episode: the return of the Beek to prime time television, “revertigo,” ghetto-fabulous Lily, another Robin Sparkles video. I think my favorite (non-BRomance) moment was the “Murder Train” montage of adoptable puppies. Did y’all notice the little puppy logo that kept blinking? So funny.
kegger:  I almost cried during the “Murder Train” puppy scene. And I can honestly say, the revertigo that everyone experienced in that episode cracked me up. And kind of made me wonder if I ever act moronic like that around old friends. 
The Office
kegger: Dwight got a hot girl, Ryan’s got a Hobbit friend, and Michael can’t get anybody! And poor Jim! He was so proud of himself for figuring out how to get them out of working on a Saturday and then everything backfired. As the night wore on, he really seemed to display some Michael characteristics. Like not knowing the security guy’s name. Jim just doesn’t do stuff like that!
amelie: Word. Jim is the guy who knows the name of the vending machine guy. Of course he’s going to know the name of the security guard he sees every day. That was too much for me. And why didn’t Phyllis call Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration? He’s one of the Five Families. Wouldn’t he have a key? 
kegger: What about Toby? I don’t even know where to begin with Toby. That moment was so awkward that it made me cringe. I think I’d move to Costa Rica if I were him, too.
amelie: Oh, man. Ryan. Boy was coked out of his mind.
kegger: Yeah and you could seriously tell–but some of the things he did just kind of reminded me of Michael. It was funny. Ryan was… that was crazy. I don’t have words for it.
Movies: Stardust
amelie: I actually enjoyed this movie. I only watched it because kegger said that Henry Cavill was in it (I don’t even know who that is, but apparently he’s in the Tudors and he shows his ass a lot. Much like JR-M. Ooh, nailed it!). When I heard Sir Ian McKellan’s gorgeous voice narrating, it was all I could do to not switch it off on principle. He was perfect as Gandalf, in my opinion, and I really didn’t want to watch another Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter hybrid. Much to my surprise, Stardust was entertaining on its own, and didn’t make me want to fork stab myself (coughEragoncough). It had humor, adventure, love, gay pirates, snarky ghosts. I might have to watch it again.
kegger: You know the funny thing is, I didn’t even know that Henry Cavill was in it until I’d already watched the movie. I still can’t remember which part he played in it, but whatever. He’s hot. And yeah, your JR-M reference was flawless.
Music: Vampire Weekend, “Vampire Weekend”
amelie: any band that sings a song about the Oxford comma owns me. Even though, you know, it’s not technically about the Oxford Comma.
kegger:  Agreed. Plus, they’re upbeat and fun and their music hits the spot with the kind of weather we’ve been having. Don’t ask me why, but listening to Vampire Weekend while driving down the road with my windows rolled down is as nice as eating crawfish while drinking beer and listening to a Jimmy Buffet cover band. It just works.
amelie: Y’all, this was one hot kiss. Did you notice the tie-grabbing? And the way he cupped her face? Man alive. I love it when Barney shows some depth, so his comforting Robin was a fabulous and well-played moment. I was perfectly happy with the show ending with them hanging out, watching “Sandcastles in the Sand,” and then they started making out. Icing on the cake. Favorite line: “You know, if you re-edit this, there’s a tampon commercial in there.”
kegger: I almost thought I was imagining it initially—because I totally saw it coming, but I thought it was just wishful thinking at first. I actually squealed when they started kissing. I don’t squeal. And yeah, without a doubt, the best line in the entire episode was Barney’s tampon commercial line. You can’t beat that.

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