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A moment of silence

amelie and I have been loyal Ausholes–fans of TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello–for a while now. We get most of our spoilers from Ausiello’s blog and his weekly Ask Ausiello column. Last week, he announced that he’s leaving TV Guide and that he’s going to work at Entertainment Weekly.

We are beyond bummed. Ausiello’s Wednesday column is what got us through the day. It’s why we looked forward to Wednesdays. And now? What is there on Wednesdays now? Now it’s just plain old boring Hump Day.

I’ve got nothing against Entertainment Weekly (actually, I take that back. Their website is kind of horrendous), but I’m not a big fan of change, and I’m really sad about his move. Who’s going to take his place? And is he replacable? I kind of enjoyed reading about his Snapple & Smurf obsessions. I could be wrong–and I hope I am–but something tells me that he’s going to be harder to replace than expected.

So, amelie and I would like to dedicate a moment of silence to Ausiello. So long, Mike. We’ll miss our Wednesday spoiler fix. Please be just as awesome at Entertainment Weekly as you were at TV Guide!

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