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Weekly Wrap-up

This isn’t a what we loved/what we hated list. I have a lot of hate for a certain show which is dead to me (DEAD TO ME FOREVER, and no, I don’t want to talk about it), and I wanted to focus on the happy. So this is a Weekly Wrap-Up of the stuff we liked, with a few criticisms thrown in, just because. –ab


The Office
amelie: I kind of adored this episode. It was light and fun and there was no real drama. I agree with Michael–Cafe Disco is a magical place. I think Erin, the new receptionist, is adorable. She fits in well with the Scranton crew without trying too hard. And she has fun in the office, you can tell. I still can’t figure out why Dwight had to take his shirt off to give Phyllis a horse massage, though…

Favorite Moment: Kelly and Andy’s dance-off.

kegger:  At the beginning of this episode, I was thinking, man, Michael’s REALLY having a hard time getting back into the groove of things at Dunder Mifflin.  But THEN, he invented Cafe Disco.  And then I was like, oh, Michael, you’re awesome.  Loved it!  [Completely Unrelated Side note:  Does anyone else think think that Ryan’s next issue is going to be an eating disorder?  Since he was all like, “I’ve discovered since becoming a temp again that food is the only thing I can control.”?  Thoughts?]

amelie: He’s totally going to get an eating disorder. And Kelly and Andy’s new friendship is going to exacerbate things.

How I Met Your Mother

amelie: Stella is not the mother. Let me say that one more time. Stella is not the mother. She’s integral to Ted finding the mother, but she ain’t it. $5 says I’m right. In other news, Barney is a man whore, and, oh yeah, Barney loves Robin.

I have to say, as much as I enjoyed this week’s episode (the non-linear explanation of Ted getting to that particular corner at that particular time was brilliant, vintage HIMYM funnage), I miss Lily so much. There was this gaping hole in the Intervention scene, and it hurt. Come back, Lilypad. The gang needs you. (Slightly off topic, but kegger, if you ever need a cheap gift for me, I wouldn’t say no to an Intervention banner.)

Favorite Moment: Marshall’s Venn diagram of Cecilia (people who are breaking my heart/people who are shaking my confidence daily. Oh, Cecilia. I’m down on my knees. From laughter.)

kegger:  I’m going to seriously be pissed if Stella is the mother (which she’s totally not) because I hold grudges and that bitch left Ted at the altar.  That’s all I have to say about that.  And omg, LOVE Marshall and his charts!  But yeah.  I, too, miss Lily.

Pushing Daisies

amelie: Man. Just, man. You know who sucks? ABC. ABC is a bunch of rat bastards from hell and I hope they suffer. I managed to get my hands on the final three episodes (I have kickass friends) and they were awesomely bittersweet. I appreciate Bryan Fuller and how he wrapped everything up, but I want more. There’s this rule of good writing: show, don’t tell. I know the constraints of a short season and getting the can made this difficult, but I want to SEE how it plays out. I mean, I’m glad I was told how it goes down, but it’s not the same. I’m really going to miss the Pie Hole and all its peeps.

I’m not complaining. I’m really not. I was satisfied and happy with how it ended. I’m just frustrated that it had to end at all, I guess.

kegger:  Haven’t seen it yet.  😦  One day….


Metric, Fantasies

amelie: This is a fun, kind of mellow, kind of weird album, and I like it.
Favorite Song: “Twilight Galaxy”

kegger:  I freaking love this entire album.  It makes me bounce my head.
Favorite Songs:  “Blindness,” “Help I’m Alive,” and “Twilight Galaxy”

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, It’s Blitz!

kegger:  I haven’t listened to it quite as much as I’ve listened to the Metric album, but I still love it so far.
Favorite Songs:  “Heads Will Roll” and “Hysteria”

amelie: I’ve been listening to this one, too, but I haven’t heard enough of it to have a favorite song.

The Clash, London Calling

amelie: I’ve been going through an old-school phase lately, and this has been on heavy rotation on my iPod. I really enjoy this album. I don’t have any concrete reason, I just think it’s awesome.
Favorite Song: “Lost in the Supermarket”


amelie: I still haven’t read anything worth talking about. I really need to look into that.

kegger: I’m currently in a YA phase.  I just finished reading The Summoning by um… Kelley Armstrong, I think?  Not bad.  Very quick read (as in, I started and finished it on the same night).  I’m also reading Jesus for President, by Shane Clairborne.  It’s a very pretty book.  You should totally go look at it in a bookstore, because it’s pretty and artistic and fun.



amelie: Eh. It was okay. John Krasinski is adorable, and George Clooney is still one of the most handsome men ever. But I felt like this movie was trying too hard. It wanted to capture the sparkle and fun of the Katharine Hepburn/Carey Grant movies like “Bringing Up Baby” and “Philadelphia Story”, but it failed spectacularly. The convoluted war story tied in with professional football…I didn’t get it. And, honestly, I’d rather watch Katharine Hepburn eat kitty litter than just about anything Renee Zellwegger has done lately. Um. Was that mean?

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

kegger:  It’s about what you’d expect, being a Kevin Smith movie and all.  But I DO have to say that while I’m a fan of Seth Rogen, he’s beginning to seem like the same character in every single movie he’s been in lately.  Anyway, it’s a pretty good movie.  Lots of boobs.  Lots of ass.  We even see a wang, and some balls.  The only thing I was slightly dissatisfied with was the ending.  It was a happy ending, but the whole point of the movie was that Zack and Miri were making a porno, right?  Well, I won’t ruin it, but I’ll just say that the movie seemed slightly unfinished.  But it was decent, and good for a laugh.

Quantum of Solace

kegger:  It was TOTALLY not a James Bond movie.  He only got one girl (he’s at LEAST supposed to bang two girls per movie!  That’s like, a rule or something!), he had NO cool, fancy gadgets, and he was dark and broody.  I’m sorry, but James Bond is NOT dark and broody.  He’s a man whore who likes cool gadgets and Aston Martin cars.  Jason Bourne is dark and broody.  Not James Bond.  But, if you pretend that it’s not a James Bond movie, it’s not bad, I guess.

The Day The Earth Stood Still

kegger:  (I know, I know, I’ve watched an assload of movies this week.  Sue me.  It was rainy, and I couldn’t go outside!)  Meh.  That’s all I have to say.  The movie was just meh.  First off, Keaun Reeve’s character is coming to earth to kill humanity because we’re killing the planet.  But then he goes and saves people and stuff.  Why, if you’re just going to off them, anyway?  It was stupid, and it didn’t add up.  And that’s all I have to say about that.

amelie: Where did you find time to watch all those movies?!

kegger: I watched ALL of those movies on Sunday afternoon.  You know, since it was raining all freaking day.  And also because we’d been sitting on 3 Netflix rentals for over a week.  So… yeah.  We just got rid of them all at once.

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Fucking finally, right?

What we loved:

amelie: CHUCK. A million, trillion, billionty times, I love Chuck. But more important than my love of Chuck is the fact that Casey loves Chuck (we already knew that Sarah loves Chuck. That’s not news.) He still hates being Team Chuck’s little fat kid, and I think that’s adorable. I want a Casey in my life. I have a feeling he’d kill spiders for me in a second.

kegger: CHUCK CHUCK CHUCK CHUCK!  I’m going to be so pissed if this show is cancelled.  And I flipping LOVE Casey and Awesome.  And Chuck.  And Sarah.  And hell.  Everyone else, too.  I could go on for about 15 minutes about Chuck, but I’m going to stop now. (Ahem.  If you haven’t seen Chuck yet, you should totally click on one of the bazillion hyperlinks I added and watch a few dozen episodes.)

The Office:
Oh, The Office, how I’ve missed you. I haven’t really been feeling the love this season, but last night was brilliant: the return of awesome, competent Jim; Charles getting schooled in the ways of Dwight; the “idiot” ringtone; Ryan not being a total douchebag asshole…I could go on. But I won’t.

kegger: I loved Jim in this episode.  And yay, Charles is gone!  Finally!  I think.  And so awesome that instead of taking the $60,000, Michael got all of their jobs back.  And I hope Ryan keeps his “totally natural” blonde hair for a while, because every time I see it, it makes me giggle. Although I do have to say, I STILL don’t buy Angela crushing on Charles. I just don’t see it.

Party Down:

kegger: Okay, so I admit that I haven’t seen this week’s episode of Party Down yet, but I don’t care.  I flipping love this show, and if you don’t have Starz, you should totally watch it on Netflix.  The pilot ep was just okay.  After that, the show turned into all kinds of awesome.

amelie: I’m a week or so behind on Party Down, but I have loved every episode I’ve seen so far. Why aren’t you watching it?


kegger: Missy Higgins–Okay, so the CD isn’t exactly new, but I just kind of discovered it on my iPod this week, and it’s mellow and great.  My two favorite songs are “Forgive Me” and “Warm Whispers.”

amelie: The Lonely Island–I’ve had Incredibad for a couple of weeks, and I still love it. It’s dirty and funny and ridiculous. My new favorite thing is to drive with the windows down and blast “I’m On a Boat” as loud as I can take it.

kegger: I’m on a boat, mothafucka!

amelie: Don’t you ever forget!


kegger: I’m in a YA phase right now for some reason.  Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is definitely worth a read.  Based on the description on the inside flap, I was just, meh.  But then I read it and loved it.  I’m looking forward to the sequel.

amelie: I’m not reading anything worth talking about, so moving on.

What we hated:


amelie: NBC is On Notice for even considering canceling Chuck. I’m still so pissed at ABC for the Pushing Daisies fiasco that I refuse to watch Castle (or maybe I just forget that it’s on because my Mondays are already stacked with awesome shows. I’ll never tell.) Consider this a pre-empitive hate, which I am more than willing to turn into a love if NBC nuts up and does the right thing.


kegger:House“–Whatever you do, don’t rent this.  It’s awful.  It’s horrible.  It can’t decide what it wants to be.  Does it want to be all creepy, or mystery-like, or ghosty, or WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON???!!!!  I mean… seriously.  Don’t watch it.  I was actually paying attention, and I couldn’t figure out what was going on.  I was all like, “Huh?  Why is chick like, drowning under a slab of ice in a closet?!?” and stuff.  Not to mention, you really shouldn’t name your movie House when there’s already a popular show named House.  AND, can I just say that movies really need to work on getting the South right?  The architecture for that house was so off.  And so were their accents.  Just because we’re from the South doesn’t mean we’re creepy inbred rednecks, y’all.  And if we WERE creepy inbred rednecks, we’d be living in trailer parks.  Not in mansions.  Maybe you should actually, I don’t know, VISIT Montgomery, Alabama and see what it’s actually like there before you start making movies about it.

amelie: Creepy Inbred Rednecks is so the name of my imaginary band. I wasn’t even aware this was a movie until you started griping about how much it sucks. No movies to hate on this week for me. Ooh–can I hate on the 30 seconds of “Twilight” you made me watch? Because I really hated it.

kegger: You can count the 30 seconds of “Twilight” that I made you watch.  They really were the worst 30 seconds of the entire show.  He was supposed to look like he wanted to EAT her (dirty!) when he first smelled her.  Not like he wanted to vomit.

amelie: Heh. Eat her.

Pee Ess: I have edited this stupid thing forty bajillion times, and the size is still all wonky. I call shenanigans. Sorry.


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Twilight Movie Review

I’m probably going to go easy on the movie–mostly because I didn’t expect much from it to begin with, and therefore, I wasn’t disappointed with it. [amelie: Whereas I, had I gone to see it, would rip it to shreds because that’s fun and I’m evil.]

Basically, the movie is comparable to the book.  [amelie: so it’s really boring and filled with creepy relationships? Good to know.] Don’t get me wrong, I’m a closet fan of the book, [amelie: “closet fan” my ass. That’s like saying I’m a closet fan of The Office. You love it and you know you love it and I know you love it.] [kegger: I’m a closet fan.  Most people know I’ve READ the book.  Most don’t know I LOVED the book.  And the only person I really talk about the book to is you, amelie.] but when you look at it–and I mean HONESTLY look at it (for you fangirls out there that think Stephenie Meyer can do no wrong)–it’s not that well written, it’s not that exciting, and there really isn’t much of a plot [amelie: Welcome to the darkside. We know good books here].  Remember, this is coming from someone who LOVES the book even though I can’t understand why.  And while I’m an Edward fan, when you think about it, he’s kind of creepy.  1.  He’s freaking 100 and he’s in love with a 17 year old.  2.  He’s kind of a stalker–watching Bella while she’s sleeping and following her to Port Angeles and all.  [amelie: “kind of” a stalker? KIND OF? I just…he…and then she…No. This is not my review, so I’mma shut up now.] So really, with a book like Twilight, you can’t expect an Oscar winning movie, right?

Having said that, I wasn’t disappointed in the movie.  It’s exactly what I expected it to be.


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She Said/She Said: Pop Culture Edition

Guilty Pleasure song you must dance to any time you hear it:

amelie: Baby Got Back and Hot in Herre. I also happen to know all the words to both songs. It’s a gift. Possibly a curse.

kegger:  Oh!  Oh! That Shake it Like a Poloroid Picture song!!!!

Karaoke is…

amelie: not something I enjoy doing, but it’s great fun to watch other people do, especially if they’re drunk and making fools of themselves.

kegger: something I only did once, in a closed in room in New York.  And that’s the only way to do it.  In front of a group of friends in a tiny room where no one can see you make a fool of yourself!

Which one of these could you go the longest without: iPod, cell phone, DVR, or hair gel?

amelie: Hair gel, I guess. I use the other three daily.

kegger: hair gel and DVR.  I don’t use hair gel and unfortunately, I don’t have DVR… yet.

Which Beverly Hills, 90210 character were you most like in high school?

amelie: God, seriously? I don’t know. I guess I was nerdy like Ohhhhndrea but hopefully not as insufferably annoying.

kegger: I refuse to answer this question.  I hated 90210.  And while we’re on the topic, seriously, is there ANYONE who’s excited about the new version?  Please say no.

When you were young, you wrote a fan letter to…

amelie: I don’t think I’ve ever written a fan letter, because even as  kid I knew I wouldn’t get a response. Such cynicism at such a young age…

kegger: Ditto.  Don’t think I ever wrote a fan letter.  Not my thing.

The piece of childhood pop-culture memorabilia you wish you still had…

amelie: My Little Ponies. I had a TON of them. Mom and Dad used to buy me one when I got sick (no, I didn’t get sick a lot. They bought them for other reasons, too.)

kegger: Oh, gosh.  I had all kinds of things.  My Little Ponies, Strawberry Shortcake dolls, Rainbow Bright dolls… G.I. Joes… Barbies… I have no idea.  This question is hard!

Dorkiest show you watched as a kid:

amelie: Ghostwriter. What a trip.

kegger: Captain Planet!!!  And Ghostwriter

Name a celebrity you’ve met.

amelie: Isaac Hayes. He opened a restaurant in Memphis, and a bunch of friends and I went before the grand opening. He signed autographs for us and danced with some of us (I don’t dance. It’s not pretty.) When I told him my name, he made a cross with his fingers, like “back off.” His third wife and I share a name. When I told him how I spelled my name, he decided I was all right and gave me a hug.

kegger: Morgan Freeman and Genevieve Gorder (the chick that used to be on Trading Spaces)

Name a time you’ve yelled at the TV.

amelie: Um, I yell when I watch football. And, oh yeah, at Supernatural. All the time, “It’s right behind you! TURN AROUND! GOD!” They never listen to me.

kegger: Football, definitely.  And scary movies.  Like when they run in OBVIOUSLY the worst direction possible.  That ticks me off.

The food you smuggle into movie theaters is…

amelie: candy (M&Ms or some other form of chocolate) and maybe a Coke

kegger: A can of Diet Coke and a Caramello or a Reeses

Your favorite reality show:

amelie: Project Runway

kegger:  Project Runway — the ONLY reality show I watch

The most overrated show on TV is…

amelie: Lost. I used to watch it like everyone else in the world. And then I decided that I didn’t need the Angst that Crashed a Plane and all the conspiracy theories and the endless questions without answers.

kegger: Lost and Heroes.  I’m over them both.

The show you’re most excited to see this fall is…

amelie: The Office! The Office! The Office!

kegger:  The Office!  And also Chuck.  I love Chuck.

Favorite movie/television quote:

amelie: “What? Oh, no! It’s the cops! Oh! And a .. construction worker.” GOB, Arrested Development. Oh, and, “It’s all fun and games until one of you gets my foot up your ass.” Veronica Mars

kegger: Oh gosh. Not the quotes again.  I have to actually THINK of this question.  They don’t just stick flawlessly in my head like they do with amelie.

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Double Take–Flight of the Conchords

I wrote about Flight of the Conchords’ new album in the Weekly Wrap-up. But now that I’ve spent some more time with the Kiwi boys, I have to slightly adjust my original take.

I love this album, I really do. Bret and Jemaine are hilarious, smart, and extremely talented. But I think this album suffers from over thinking and over producing. On their EP, “The Distant Future,” the live tracks soar. They really benefit from the boys’ on-stage ad libbing. Take the song, “Robots.” On “The Distant Future,” “Robots” is one of the funniest songs. But on “Flight of the Conchords,” it falls kind of flat. Most of the words are the same, but the inflection is missing. I think what makes me saddest of all is the loss of Jemaine’s hilarious idea to “sniff this one.” In its place, we get “I noticed they’re dead.” That’s…not funny.

Another song that loses something in translation is “The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room.” This song never fails to make me laugh (sample lyrics: I can’t believe that I’m sharing a kebab/with the most beautiful girl I have ever seen with a kebab), but the slick producing job and the loss of the audience reaction makes the song less effervescent.

I’m not saying the whole album is a bust; I adore “Hiphopopotamus v. Rhymenocerous,” “Mutha’uckas,” and “Ladies of the World.” Maybe because these weren’t on the EP and weren’t recorded live, I don’t know. I do know that I sympathize with the too many mutha’uckas uckin’ with Bret’s shi. And I appreciate Jemaine’s assertion that he is trying to correct his sexist lyrics (told to the lovely bitches and hos).

For the best Conchords experience, you really need both “The Distant Future” and “Flight of the Conchords.” A word of warning: the actual, physical CD of “FotC” has amazing album artwork and the best trippy-awesome, two-sided poster. You won’t get that by downloading it.

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Weekly Wrap-Up


How I Met Your Mother
amelie: I am heartbroken at Ted and Barney’s breakup. I have mixed feelings about it, but I trust the writers and creators to get the pair back together in an awesomely legendary way. My favorite part of the episode was the flashback to the creation of the Bro Code (Me, D.C.–snorfle). I also loved flustered Barney at the bar when everyone was talking about hitting it. It kind of reminded me of nervous Marshall in The Bracket (“I don’t know what to do with my hands!”) I’m kind of surprised that they got the X-Box joke past the censors. (Actually, I’m not. I watched Veronica Mars all three years, and the things they got away with…)

kegger: amelie, I can’t believe you forgot to mention the goat! I’m kind of a big fan of animals (and I had all kinds of random pets when I was little at my grandparent’s house, including goats) so the goat was kind of one of my favorite parts of that episode. I’m hoping that they’ll unite Barney and Ted soon.

amelie: Goats are evil, y’all.

amelie: I haven’t watched every episode of this show, but I’ve seen enough to know what’s going on. I think the addition of Ken Marino (Vinnie Van Lowe!) as a gay demon is genius. (Trust me, kegger, it totally works.) I like that the Devil is starting to be a little more…er, devilish, I guess. His veneer of buddy-buddy is wearing thin. This was probably my favorite episode that I’ve seen. It had just the right mix of playfulness and drama. kegs, you should really start watching it. The first part of the season isn’t great, but these last few post-strike episodes have been really good.

kegger: I can’t add anything to this, since I don’t freaking have CW! (Which still pisses me off. But it’s okay, because I’ve kind of boycotted the CW since they cancelled Veronica Mars, anyway.) The gay demon does sound entertaining, though. Especially if Ken Marino is playing him.

The Office
amelie: Toby. God, Toby, you’re a douche and I no longer feel sorry for you. You can’t go behind Jim’s back and bitch to Ryan and think that’s going to help you out with Pam. Not gonna happen. I used to like you and feel sorry for you, but I’m thinking that Michael might have been right all these years. I never thought I’d say that. I love Michael’s moments of self-awareness. He doesn’t have them often, but when he does, they are glorious. His standoff with Stanley was tense and hard to watch, but I thought the resolution fit with both characters. And of course Michael is going to latch on to the clear-the-room method for dealing with unruly employees. Watch your back, Phyllis.

kegger: Since I supervise people at work, I can totally sympathize with Michael. There’s a thin line between being friends with your employees and being their boss. It really kind of sucks sometimes. It looks like Michael might actually be turning into a boss. I felt proud of him last night. And Jim! Poor Jim! When Ryan told him that his job performance wasn’t up to par, I felt so bad for him. He looked like his puppy dog had gotten run over. And poor Pam could tell that something was off, but he didn’t tell her about it. And I think Ryan is a little bitch and he needs to get run over.

amelie: I didn’t watch any movies this week. Confession: I still haven’t returned Stardust to Netflix. I should probably do that…

kegger: That’s the beautiful thing about Netflix. No late fees. I LOOOOVE Netflix. I’ve had Atonement for about a month now and still haven’t had a chance to watch it. But, I DID watch Into the Wild last week. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like that movie or not, but I really did. It was very different that I expected it to be, and it kind of made me want to just quit everything and go rough it. But I think I might miss television and toilets a little too much for that. Still, it made me realize how materialistic everyone tends to be sometimes. I’m more of a happy ending kind of person, though, so the ending kind of bummed me out. Still, I really liked it.


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Weekly Wrap-Up

Barney and Robin!

How I Met Your Mother
amelie: We’ll get to the kiss (!) in a minute, but there were other things happening in that episode: the return of the Beek to prime time television, “revertigo,” ghetto-fabulous Lily, another Robin Sparkles video. I think my favorite (non-BRomance) moment was the “Murder Train” montage of adoptable puppies. Did y’all notice the little puppy logo that kept blinking? So funny.
kegger:  I almost cried during the “Murder Train” puppy scene. And I can honestly say, the revertigo that everyone experienced in that episode cracked me up. And kind of made me wonder if I ever act moronic like that around old friends. 
The Office
kegger: Dwight got a hot girl, Ryan’s got a Hobbit friend, and Michael can’t get anybody! And poor Jim! He was so proud of himself for figuring out how to get them out of working on a Saturday and then everything backfired. As the night wore on, he really seemed to display some Michael characteristics. Like not knowing the security guy’s name. Jim just doesn’t do stuff like that!
amelie: Word. Jim is the guy who knows the name of the vending machine guy. Of course he’s going to know the name of the security guard he sees every day. That was too much for me. And why didn’t Phyllis call Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration? He’s one of the Five Families. Wouldn’t he have a key? 
kegger: What about Toby? I don’t even know where to begin with Toby. That moment was so awkward that it made me cringe. I think I’d move to Costa Rica if I were him, too.
amelie: Oh, man. Ryan. Boy was coked out of his mind.
kegger: Yeah and you could seriously tell–but some of the things he did just kind of reminded me of Michael. It was funny. Ryan was… that was crazy. I don’t have words for it.
Movies: Stardust
amelie: I actually enjoyed this movie. I only watched it because kegger said that Henry Cavill was in it (I don’t even know who that is, but apparently he’s in the Tudors and he shows his ass a lot. Much like JR-M. Ooh, nailed it!). When I heard Sir Ian McKellan’s gorgeous voice narrating, it was all I could do to not switch it off on principle. He was perfect as Gandalf, in my opinion, and I really didn’t want to watch another Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter hybrid. Much to my surprise, Stardust was entertaining on its own, and didn’t make me want to fork stab myself (coughEragoncough). It had humor, adventure, love, gay pirates, snarky ghosts. I might have to watch it again.
kegger: You know the funny thing is, I didn’t even know that Henry Cavill was in it until I’d already watched the movie. I still can’t remember which part he played in it, but whatever. He’s hot. And yeah, your JR-M reference was flawless.
Music: Vampire Weekend, “Vampire Weekend”
amelie: any band that sings a song about the Oxford comma owns me. Even though, you know, it’s not technically about the Oxford Comma.
kegger:  Agreed. Plus, they’re upbeat and fun and their music hits the spot with the kind of weather we’ve been having. Don’t ask me why, but listening to Vampire Weekend while driving down the road with my windows rolled down is as nice as eating crawfish while drinking beer and listening to a Jimmy Buffet cover band. It just works.
amelie: Y’all, this was one hot kiss. Did you notice the tie-grabbing? And the way he cupped her face? Man alive. I love it when Barney shows some depth, so his comforting Robin was a fabulous and well-played moment. I was perfectly happy with the show ending with them hanging out, watching “Sandcastles in the Sand,” and then they started making out. Icing on the cake. Favorite line: “You know, if you re-edit this, there’s a tampon commercial in there.”
kegger: I almost thought I was imagining it initially—because I totally saw it coming, but I thought it was just wishful thinking at first. I actually squealed when they started kissing. I don’t squeal. And yeah, without a doubt, the best line in the entire episode was Barney’s tampon commercial line. You can’t beat that.

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Weekly Wrap-up

Here are all the things I loved (or hated) pop-culturally this week.

Television: How I Met Your Mother, “The Chain of Screaming”–I liked this episode. It wasn’t the best Mother episode, but it certainly wasn’t the worst. And the continuity was off the charts. Marshall’s scream-ologue at Barney was legen…wait for it…

The Office, “The Chairmodel”–Now, I know this was the squee-worthy Jam-filled episode of goo, but the MVP for me was Kevin. He made me laugh and, yes I’ll admit it, made me cry. I’m so sad that he and Stacey broke up, but at least he got his parking spot back.

Bones, “The Man in the Mud”–Very cute episode for Booth and Bones. I didn’t really care about the case so much, and I figured that it was a family member in the first five minutes (I was torn between the sister or the dad). But Booth’s horse was awesome, as were his interactions with Brennan. If these two don’t do the do by the end of the season, I’m going to spontaneously combust from all the chemistry.


Books: I read through “Not Quite What I Was Planning.” Very poignant and funny, and a fascinating concept. How do you boil your entire life down into six words? I tried, and ended up with at least three possibilities. My current favorite is, “‘Its’ and ‘it’s’–two different words.” What would your six words be?

I’m also rereading “Cold Comfort Farm.” As soon as I finish that, I plan to start on “Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less” by Jeffrey Archer.

Movies: I tried to watch “Eragon” on Sunday. But if I want to watch wizards and dragons and quests involving elf-like creatures and sword play, I’ll watch the far superior Lord of the Rings trilogy. If you’re a kid, I’m sure “Eragon” is fun. But if you’re me, and you’ve both read and watched the Lord of the Rings, “Eragon” leaves you bored and angry that you wasted two hours of your life and you’ll never get that time back.

Music: A friend gave me Neutral Milk Hotel’s “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea.” I know it’s not a new album, but it’s new to me. Since Spoon is in very heavy rotation on my iPod, these songs are a nice complement. Favorite songs: “In The Areoplane Over The Sea” and “King of the Carrot Flowers Part 1.”

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