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Aaaand we’re back!

It’s been a while since kegger and I have blogged, but we’ll be back more regularly this summer. We’re participating in Blogging For Books, so get ready for lots of book reviews! (And maybe other things, if we feel like it.)

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The Awesomeness of Vampire Diaries

We will loudly and proudly admit that we like The Vampire Diaries. Doesn’t matter that it’s about vampires—they are totally not lame and there’s no sparkling. Doesn’t matter that it’s on the CW—we’ll always hold a grudge against them for canceling Veronica Mars, but we can overlook it for the sake of this show. It’s not just a guilty pleasure to watch—there’s nothing guilty about liking it.

Here’s why we like this show: shit happens. There is an over-arching mythology, sure. But in building the foundation for the mythology—the mysteries and secrets that give it depth—the writers haven’t neglected to answer the little questions. Take this season’s moonstone. First it was “What is the moonstone?” and “Why does Katherine want it?” We’re six episodes in, and we know what the moonstone is and we have a pretty good guess as to why Katherine wants it. (You could take some lessons from Vampire Diaries, Lost!!) We’ve also got werewolves this year. We know that it’s a family curse, and we know how the curse is activated. We’ve gotten background on Katherine, Stefan, and Damon that’s helped us understand what’s going on and helped push the plot forward. We’ve had permanent deaths, un-deaths, vampire-making deaths. We’ve had fake break-ups and real break-ups. We’ve had all kinds of juicy character developments. It’s twisty and twisted and dark but not dreary, all sharp storytelling and real, coherent plot development. You guys, it’s A Good Show.

And, seriously, the sheer amount of Shit That Happens in each episode is staggering. Most shows would stretch things out as long as possible, which doesn’t really create tension within the confines of the show; it just frustrates the viewers.

It’s almost too bad VD is on the CW, because it’s unlikely that any of the cast will get the recognition they deserve. If we gave out Emmy awards, Nina Dobrev would be high on our list just for the number of scenes she’s in (practically every one, if you’re wondering. And sometimes twice in the same scene. We get exhausted just watching her.) You never have to wonder if you’re watching Elena or Katherine—the differences between the two might be subtle, but they’re there and you know who she is.

Even if vampires and werewolves aren’t your thing, you should give it a try. It has consistently churned out solid story lines, thoughtful dialogue, and, uh, this and this.

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We’re Marshall and Lily

The other day, amelie realized that we’re just like Marshall and Lily. Specifically the part of their relationship where they tell each other everything:

Ted: Trust me, not only do they tell each other everything, they want to know everything!

Marshall: So after the shower I was brushing my teeth and I was like, oh man I wanted to have some orange juice I should’ve done that first! But I already had the toothpaste on the toothbrush so I just went ahead a brushed them anyway.

Lily: What happened next?!

That is totally us:

kegger: I didn’t get done with work until 5:30.  Ugh.  Not fun for a Friday. Oh well.  Then I went to Friend’s to check on the animals.  They’re good.  Got home at 6:00, got some H2O (I was right, the soup was wonderful on my throat) and then watched that latest Robin Hood movie with Kurt Russell (it sucked ass) and then went to bed.  Now I’m being lazy, but when Husband wakes up, I’m going to have him move Dog’s cage outside for me so I can mop the kitchen, since I didn’t do it last weekend.

How was your night last night?  My cough is a little better.  I can feel gunk breaking up in my chest, so that’s good, I guess??  I dunno.

amelie: My night was fine. I washed, dried, folded, and put away all my clothes. I even washed the duvet cover. There was nothing on last night, so I actually turned the tv off for a while. I was too lazy to turn on my Wii or put a DVD in.

So, yes, we like Marshall and Lily, but mostly we are Marshall and Lily, in a best-friend, non-married, tell-each-other-everything way.

Don’t worry. We’ll keep the TMI moments to ourselves.


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Where have we been?

WordPress, I’m sorry. We’ve been unfaithful. amelie and I are having an affair with Tumblr.  We’ll come back to you, I swear, but for now… I think we need a break.

In the mean time, amelie is here:,

kegger is here:,

and our joint efforts (which haven’t been much just yet, since we just got this started on Saturday, and amelie’s Mac has gone to the Apple Spa for the week), are here:

Come visit us.  Tumblr is seriously addictive. It’s like Twitter, WordPress, and Facebook had an orgy and had babies.

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Let us tell you how we really feel


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The healing powers of Sonic’s Tater Tots

Basic Math:

Excedrin + a big, cold, fizzy (Diet) Coke + Sonic tater tots = the best headache remedy ever.

Someone should seriously research this.  I bet Sonic and Coke could market the hell out of it.

Back story: I work with someone who has always SWORN that whenever she gets a headache, she runs to Sonic and grabs some greasy tater tots, and as soon as she’s done eating, her headache’s gone.  I, of course, was a bit skeptical about this.  However, when you have a headache from hell, you’re pretty much willing to try everything short of drilling a hole in your head.   amelie was desperate.  She tried it.  And HOLY MEATBALLS! IT WORKED!  So last Thursday I, too, had a headache from hell, and NOTHING got rid of it.  Not Excedrin.  Not caffeine.  Not prescription pain meds.  NOTHING.  But GREASY FOOD WORKED, OMG!

It either works, or it’s the best placebo in the world.  Either way?  Awesome.

PS: We’re not dead, we’ve been restin’. Pining for the fjords. Hopefully we’ll be back to blogging fairly regularly now.

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Ten for Ten

With the recent release of pictures Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor and this weekend’s airing of “Planet of the Dead”, kegger and I are in a Doctor Who mood. Here are our top ten Ten moments from the past three years, in no particular order.

1. Rude and Not Ginger

Series 2, “The Christmas Invasion”

This one isn’t all that important in the grand scheme of things, but it does help set up important points in Ten’s personality: He’s rude and not ginger. Mostly we just like the way Rose calls him “sort of…brown.” Heh.

2. Timey Wimey Stuff

Series 3, “Blink”

One of the best explanations of time travel ever. It all makes sense in a total nonsense way.


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Let Us Direct Your Attention

To this little bit of insanity. Look, we don’t watch One Tree Hill, which we’re sure has many wonderful, entertaining moments. But this? Is probably not one of those moments.

Heart transplants: Not funny
Klutzy couriers carrying a cooler with a heart transplant and faceplanting onto the hospital floor: a little funny
Heart projectiling out of the cooler and skidding across the floor: even funnier, but only because it’s a fake heart on a fictional tv show and no real hearts were damaged during filming.
Random dog in a hospital waiting room: WTF? No, really. WTF is a dog doing in a hospital waiting room? Dudes, we live in Mississippi and even here they don’t allow dogs in hospital waiting rooms.

Pause. Rewind. Play. Pause. Rewind. Play.

Yep. Never gets old.

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Finale Wrap-Up part 2

Epic fail. EPIC FAIL. How long has this post been sitting on my computer and I’ve been to damn lazy to post it? I suck. Anyway. On to part 2.

Oh, and we were going to add Bones to the wrap-up, but neither kegger nor I watch that show (I catch the reruns on TNT every now and then), and our back-up blogger is MIA with bar review. (PSST–brooklyn, how’s it going?). And I swear there was another show in here, but fuck if I remember what it was.

How I Met Your Mother
Break-Ups: Robin and Barney
Make-Ups: Robin and Barney
Break-Ups: Robin and Barney
Make-Ups: Robin and Barney
Shake-Ups: Robin finds out Barney is in love with her and tries to Mosby him (telling him she’s in love with him like Ted did to her in the pilot, thus killing any feelings Barney may have) multiple times, only it doesn’t really work, and it turns out that she might have real feelings for him. Marshall finally takes the leap and jumps to the neighbor’s tricked-out roof and doesn’t die. Everyone else takes the leap, too. Oh, and Ted gets his ass kicked by Missy Mr. Goat in an awesome “Murder Train” montage.
Tumor Count: None, although Ted did have a goat-hoof-print on his forehead for a while, which is funnier than it should be.
Possible Spin-Off: Missy the Goat Kicks Your Ass. Does what it says on the tin–Missy the Goat sneaks into your house and kicks your ass.

Supernatural, Lucifer Rising

Break-Ups: Sam and Dean, briefly. Dean and Castiel, briefly. Sam and Ruby, permanently motherfuckers, HELL YEAH.

Make-Ups: Sam and Dean, possibly, although I’m still not convinced they’re back to their normal levels of brothers-who-sort-of-like-each-other-ness, yet. Dean and Castiel (renegade angel, oh my stars!)

Shake-Ups: Sam kills Lilith, whose death was the final seal. Dumbass. Lucifer is set free. Ruby has been playing Sam’s dumbass the entire time, but Dean, with a little help from broken puppy dumbass Sammy, kills her deader than any dead thing that ever died, and much rejoicing was heard across the internet.

Tumor Count: Does Ruby count? Because I think she infected my tv with some sort of demonic virus. Bitch.

Possible Spin-Offs: Propheteering, in which the prophet Chuck and the angel Castiel use Chuck’s knowledge of the future to avert the apocalypse and save people from horrible deaths, all financed by Chuck’s incredible lottery luck. Operates in the same universe as Supernatural, so cross-over episodes are easily produced and highly encouraged. Watch Ruby Die, in wich Sam and Dean kill Ruby over and over and over and over again.

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Finale Wrap-Up Part 1

It’s finale season again, and we same-brained girls thought we’d hook y’all up with a cheat sheet of different shows and how they ended. Some shows we watch and love, some shows we watch and merely tolerate, and some shows we don’t watch at all. But we are dedicated professionals here to give you the skinny. Look for Part 2 after Monday’s How I Met Your Mother finale.

The Office, Company Picnic

Break-Ups: Dunder-Mifflin and the Buffalo branch via an awkward Slumdunder Mifflinaire skit performed by Michael and Holly.

Make-Ups: Holly and Michael, friends forever. But maybe more. Many, many years down the road. Jim and Dwight‘s frenemy relationship was a little more on the friend side of the spectrum, which is always nice to see. Also looks like there could be a Dwight and Angela reconciliation next season.

Shake-Ups: Stanley actually has a good time at a work-related event that doesn’t involve free pretzels. And, oh yeah. Could Pam be pregnant?! What else would put those happy tears in Jim‘s eyes?

Tumor count: none that we know of.

Possible Spin-off: Holly and Michael’s Movie Hour, in which Holly Flax and Michael Scott reinact recent blockbuster movies. Star Trek, anyone?


Chuck, Chuck vs. the Ring

Break-Ups: Chuck and the spy world, briefly. Bryce and life permanently (as far as we can tell. He did come back from the dead once before). Chuck and Ellie, briefly (and not like that gutter-brains. A girl’s got a right to be mad at her brother when his secret spy life destroys her wedding plans, even if Jeffster’s impromptu Mr. Roboto performance was a glorious sight.)

Make-Ups: Chuck and Ellie, because that gorgeous beach wedding was the perfect I’m-sorry-I-screwed-up-your-other-wedding gift. Chuck and the Intersect 2.0 (3.0? How many Intersects are there?). Boy’s got kung-fu skills, y’all! Kick ass.

Shake-Ups: Chuck downloads the newest Intersect. Not only does Chuck have all those sketchy government secrets bouncing around in his skull, he’s now got special abilities. Stephen Bartowski, Chuck and Ellie’s father, has an Intersect in his brain, too.

Tumor count: none, but Daddy B went all pale and shaky after his Intersect flash. Things don’t look stellar for him, health-wise.

Possible Spin-Off: Major Casey’s Major Weddings, in which Casey, with the help of his team of special-op military men, plans the big day for lucky couples.


Grey’s Anatomy
Break-Ups:  George and Seattle Grace, briefly, as George enlists to be an Army doctor. George and life, possibly permanently, as he promptly gets run over by a bus and causes a situation that’s suspiciously similar to an ER episode. Izzie and her tumor, permanently. Izzie and life, possibly permanently.

Make-Ups:  George and Seattle Grace.  I mean, he got hit by a bus, y’all.  Where else was he gonna go?

Shake-Ups:  Izzie loses a tumor, but gains a short-term memory problem (that’s suspiciously a lot like 50 First Dates).  She and George might be dead.  Right now, they’re just hanging out together in an elevator. Meredith and Derek get married via Post-It notes. I know this isn’t covered in med school, but Post-It note marriages aren’t recognized in the state of…well, any state in the Union.

Tumor Count:  One.  That is, until Derek slices it out.  And yes, he got all of it.  Buh-bye ghost-sex-enducing tumor.  We’ll miss you.  Er, well, actually, we’ll just miss Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Possible Spin-Offs: If Wishes Were Tumors, in which Izzie’s ghost-sex causing brain tumor eats the brains of the most annoying characters on other tv shows. We Stole This From ER, in which writers of various dramas watch endless hours of ER, rip off different plots and rework them.


Dollhouse, Omega
Break-Ups: Ballard and Mellie, who is actually November who is actually Madeleine. Caroline and life, briefly. Ballard and the FBI, possibly permanently.

Make-Ups:  Ballard and the Dollhouse, as Ballard becomes a consultant or some shit to help Adele and co. find Alpha.

Shake-Ups:  Claire is a doll! CLAIRE IS A DOLL!  Why the eff couldn’t they have spent more time on this story? Alan Tudyk’s ripped bod. Sweet baby Jesus. I didn’t know Wash had it in him.

Tumor Count: None yet, but we’re banking that all that mucking around in people’s brains can’t be good long-term

Possible Spin-Off:  Scientifically Programmed Killers, in which Alpha and Echo decide they like their Mickey and Mallory alter egos and go on a twisted killing/love-making spree.

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