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With the recent release of pictures Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor and this weekend’s airing of “Planet of the Dead”, kegger and I are in a Doctor Who mood. Here are our top ten Ten moments from the past three years, in no particular order.

1. Rude and Not Ginger

Series 2, “The Christmas Invasion”

This one isn’t all that important in the grand scheme of things, but it does help set up important points in Ten’s personality: He’s rude and not ginger. Mostly we just like the way Rose calls him “sort of…brown.” Heh.

2. Timey Wimey Stuff

Series 3, “Blink”

One of the best explanations of time travel ever. It all makes sense in a total nonsense way.

3. Mime Time

Series 4, “Partners in Crime”

Donna was not our favorite during the Runaway Bride. She was screechy and shrill and selfish and just annoying. This is not screechy, shrill, selfish Donna. This is new and improved and awesome Donna. Her glee at finally finding the Doctor is infectious. …And then they get caught.

4. Burning up a Sun at Bad Wolf Bay

Series 2, “Doomsday”

Let’s ignore the fact that RTD ruined the Rose/Ten relationship. Let’s ignore the massive retcon that Rose can’t come back from the alterna-world because it will destroy the very fabric of space/time. Let’s just focus on the complete heartbreak and wonderful acting in this scene. Anybody got a Kleenex?

5. Martha’s Instructions

Series 3, “Human Nature”

Technically, this is a deleted scene. Technically, we don’t care. Bingle bongle dingle dangle. And don’t feed the Doctor pears. You won’t like him if he eats pears.

6. Captain Jack is the Face of Boe

Series 3, “Last of the Time Lords”

This is more about Jack’s future than the Doctor, but we had to include it because of some lovely acting on Tennant’s part. Asking Jack to join him again, seeing that Jack has grown up from that frivolous Time Agent he was once, and then figuring out that in the future this gorgeous man will become a giant brown squid-head floating in some kind of goo? Brilliant.

7. Pete and Repeat

Series 4, “Midnight”

This isn’t a particularly funny or emotional moment, but it’s still a favorite. With just a few words (a bit of cheek and a dash of nonsense), this scene manages to be freaky as hell, without devolving into an annoying round of “I know you are, but what am I?” Also? We don’t think it’s possible for anyone to sound as cute as Tennant does when he says the word “bananas.” Must be the accent.

8. Curse of the Timelords

Series 2, “School Reunion”

First of all, you don’t have to watch the entire clip. Just from 3:00-4:06. This is one of those moments when the overwhelming loneliness that surrounds the Doctor–loneliness that he can usually hide under cleverness and quips and trips around the universe–is blatant. He’ll never have someone to grow old with because he will outlive everyone he loves. It’s a rare moment of outspoken vulnerability, and shows just how much he values Rose as a companion.

(Second of all, if you watch more of that section, we want to know what Elisabeth Sladen’s been drinking to have aged as well as she has. Damn, woman.)

9. New Teeth

Children in Need Special

The first official moments of Tennant as the Doctor, and in just seven  minutes, you get everything you need to know about Ten: his mind works overtime so he’s a little ADD; he’s easily excitable; he wants a companion, but he’s not going to ask for friendship because it’s easier for him to be alone and not see the people he loves get hurt; Nine’s clothes look absolutely ridiculous on him; and something went wonky with his regeneration, so the first episode of Series 2 is gonna be intense. But most importantly we learn that Ten has awesome hair that not even Earth’s gravity (or whatever holds the TARDIS together) can tame.

10. Running Just as Fast as We Can

Series 4, “The Stolen Earth”

So, our number 10 is kind of a cop-out. It’s completely ridiculous and cliched and therefore funny as hell. That’s not to say there isn’t some fine acting (and running!) on the part of Tennant (look at his face when he first sees Rose) but come on. Who didn’t see that Something Bad was going to happen during their run toward each other? Is it mean of us to make fun of the fact that the Doctor gets taken down by one of his arch-nemeses during such an emotional reunion? Yeah. But we’re a little warped like that.

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