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Finale Wrap-Up part 2

Epic fail. EPIC FAIL. How long has this post been sitting on my computer and I’ve been to damn lazy to post it? I suck. Anyway. On to part 2.

Oh, and we were going to add Bones to the wrap-up, but neither kegger nor I watch that show (I catch the reruns on TNT every now and then), and our back-up blogger is MIA with bar review. (PSST–brooklyn, how’s it going?). And I swear there was another show in here, but fuck if I remember what it was.

How I Met Your Mother
Break-Ups: Robin and Barney
Make-Ups: Robin and Barney
Break-Ups: Robin and Barney
Make-Ups: Robin and Barney
Shake-Ups: Robin finds out Barney is in love with her and tries to Mosby him (telling him she’s in love with him like Ted did to her in the pilot, thus killing any feelings Barney may have) multiple times, only it doesn’t really work, and it turns out that she might have real feelings for him. Marshall finally takes the leap and jumps to the neighbor’s tricked-out roof and doesn’t die. Everyone else takes the leap, too. Oh, and Ted gets his ass kicked by Missy Mr. Goat in an awesome “Murder Train” montage.
Tumor Count: None, although Ted did have a goat-hoof-print on his forehead for a while, which is funnier than it should be.
Possible Spin-Off: Missy the Goat Kicks Your Ass. Does what it says on the tin–Missy the Goat sneaks into your house and kicks your ass.

Supernatural, Lucifer Rising

Break-Ups: Sam and Dean, briefly. Dean and Castiel, briefly. Sam and Ruby, permanently motherfuckers, HELL YEAH.

Make-Ups: Sam and Dean, possibly, although I’m still not convinced they’re back to their normal levels of brothers-who-sort-of-like-each-other-ness, yet. Dean and Castiel (renegade angel, oh my stars!)

Shake-Ups: Sam kills Lilith, whose death was the final seal. Dumbass. Lucifer is set free. Ruby has been playing Sam’s dumbass the entire time, but Dean, with a little help from broken puppy dumbass Sammy, kills her deader than any dead thing that ever died, and much rejoicing was heard across the internet.

Tumor Count: Does Ruby count? Because I think she infected my tv with some sort of demonic virus. Bitch.

Possible Spin-Offs: Propheteering, in which the prophet Chuck and the angel Castiel use Chuck’s knowledge of the future to avert the apocalypse and save people from horrible deaths, all financed by Chuck’s incredible lottery luck. Operates in the same universe as Supernatural, so cross-over episodes are easily produced and highly encouraged. Watch Ruby Die, in wich Sam and Dean kill Ruby over and over and over and over again.

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