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Horsing around!

After watching the Kentucky Derby (for like, the first time EVER), I noticed that all of those horses have pretty ridiculous names.  I mean, seriously.  “Mine That Bird”?  What kind of name is that?*

So I started thinking, what would I name my horse if it was in the Kentucky Derby?  It obviously has to be a stupid name, judging by all of the other Derby horse’s names.  So amelie and I, being the procrastinators that we are, decided to come up with Derby horse names instead of working!  And here’s our list:

Turd Baby

I Eat Babies

Shut Your Cakehole

Farts A Lot


You’re a Loser

Sperm For Sale (for the studs)

I’m For Sale (for the mares)

Knock Me Up

Suck It Losers

Eat My Dust

Easy Rider

Ball Buster

*Just so you know, we aren’t making fun of horses, horse racing, or jockeys or horse owners. All we are saying is that some of the names are silly–like dog show dogs and their own brand of silly names. We’re sure there’s a reason for having long, goofy names. If anyone allowed kegger and me name horses, those names would be dirty and goofy.


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