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Are You Ready?

Hell, yeah! Damn right!

Y’all know that kegger and I are Southerners. You might not know that we are Mississippians. Well, we are. We are fairly typical Southerners in that we are big fans of SEC football–Ole Miss football specifically. In the spirit of SEC solidarity, we want to give a big ol’ “Hotty Toddy!” to the Florida Gators for winning last night’s BCS National Championship against Oklahoma. Congratulations, boys! SEC football is clearly the best football in the US.

But being such die hard Ole Miss girls, we would be bad Rebels if we didn’t say this to the Gators: You may be the national champs, but your only loss last season was to us. Sucks to be you.

Hotty Toddy, Cotton Bowl Champs! We’re Nutts about our boys in red and blue.

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