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Hairy arms = easy lay?

Having married a fraternity guy, I hear all kinds of entertaining fraternity guy stories.  (He wasn’t the stereotypical fraternity guy, thank God, so usually the stories are about one of his fraternity brothers instead of about him.)

One of the most interesting things he’s told me is about how some guys look to see how hairy a girl’s arms are before they buy them a drink at a bar.

According to Puddle, girls with hairy arms have more testosterone in their body, which in turn makes them hornier, which makes them more promiscuous and more likely to go home with them.

Um… huh?  Hairy arms mean a girl is an easy lay?  Are they serious??!

He also says that most guys think a girl that smokes is also easier to get into bed.

I won’t even mention the tramp stamp.

Guys are so scientific.

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