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Sunny invades Oxford!

amelie is inebriated at the moment, but she ordered me to blog, so, being the faithful and sober friend that I am, I’m following orders.  (But mostly I just wanted to rat her out for being drunk.  amelie isn’t drunk often, so it’s fun to make fun of her when she is!)  

The cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is in Oxford this weekend for a wedding!  How cool is that?!  Dee and Mack were seen at Ajax today at lunch eating, and The Waitress and Charlie were seen at City Grocery this afternoon.  

We’re both huge fans of Sunny.  And I have to say, if I saw Charlie walking around the Square, I’d have a very hard time not yelling out a couple of lyrics to “Dayman,” or mentioning Greenman or something like that.  So I guess it’s a good thing I’m not on the Square tonight.  

All in all, Oxford is pretty tame when it comes to seeing celebrities.  We generally don’t freak out.  John Grisham lived here (and still does occasionally) for a while, and Morgan Freeman comes to visit the Chancellor of Ole Miss quite frequently.  Ethan Hawk has signed books at Square Books, and Tom Cruise hand delivered a horse to Grisham after the filming of The Firm.  A few movies have been filmed here, and a few people have sworn up and down that they’ve seen Brad Pitt on the Square, but I’m not sure how true that is.  

During the debate, supposedly Oprah was staying at John Grisham’s house.  (But then I also heard that Arnold Schwartsenegger was there, too, so I’m not sure which story is true.)  There were a few Arnold sightings at Square Books, though.  But anyway, I’m rambling.  

I’m hoping I’ll hear a few stories about people running into the Sunny crew, but we’ll see.  I knew a few people are going to be hunting them down tonight on the Square, so hopefully I’ll hear fun stories at some point in the middle of the night!  

amelie, I hope you don’t have a hangover tomorrow morning!  Enjoy the wedding that you TOTALLY aren’t talking me into going to.  (Although I do have to say, it would REALLY suck if the Sunny crew was going to THAT wedding.  Wouldn’t that be ironic!)

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Weekly Wrap-Up: All Things TV

1. The Office was cute last night, but it felt off. Although we loved Michael’s “It squeaks when you bang it. That’s what she said.” moment. And how cute are Holly and Michael? Too bad David Wallace (Hi, David Wallace! Nice to see you! You’re awesome!) is going to bust them like a pinata.

2. Supernatural was okay, but not the best of the season. However–HOWEVER–it did end on an awesomely funny moment that we will watch over and over and over again. Some clever person over at TWoP has christened it “Thigh of the Tiger.” We think that’s brilliant.

3. Pushing Daisies is getting better and better as the season goes on. Getting backstories on Olive last week and Emerson this week really helps balance out all the focus on Ned and Chuck. Thanks to Emerson, we learned a new way to make friends (Hi. My name is Blah Blah. Do you like blooby-bloo? I do, too. Let’s be friends!), which is a nice follow up to his lessons in how the mind works from two weeks ago: “Do you understand how a head works? Do you? Because very time you say something I got to think it. You say ‘Monkey in a bellhop suit driving a car,’ I think ‘Monkey in a bellhop suit driving a car.'”

4. Chuck also continues getting better this season. We have to find a way to book DJ John Casey and DJ Mad Dog Carmichael for a party. Poor Sarah/Jenny/Katie/whatever her name is. Also: she beat the crap out of Nicole Richie. That makes us really happy, and probably a little mean. Also also: Corey is all grown up! But where were Shawn and Topanga?)

5. How I Met Your Mother should be called How Ted’s heart gets broken all the time. amelie knew Stella wasn’t the mother (amelie: unless she is and then I knew that, too), but poor Teddy boy. Maybe we’ll get to see another awesome break-up beard. This show is good at continuity, so fingers crossed.  (kegger:  The episode ended sadly, but can I tell you just how much I loved how Barney tried to resist the bridesmaids to get Robin but then ended up having a threesome?  That’s SO Barney.) 

6.  True Blood was about as uneventful as it was last week.  To give you an idea, here’s a recap of last week:  Jason’s ass, funeral, Suckie’s boob.  That’s it.  And this week:  Suckie’s boob, Jason’s strung out on V, bar fight.  They’re making Jason into a cracked out druggie (which he TOTALLY isn’t in the book) and they’re adding all kinds of shit that isn’t in the books that they shouldn’t have bothered with.  And Voodoo exorcisms?  Really?  Just because it’s set in Lousiana?  Really?  Come up with something a little more creative than that, please!  And please, Bill, please stop calling Sookie “Suckie.”  Or actually, “Suckieeeeeeee,” because he totally draws out that last bit, and it makes my ears bleed every time.   

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