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Nine things I love about Pushing Daisies

In honor of tonight’s return of the Pie Hole and Ned and his Pie Hos (and in no particular order)…

1. Digby the Alive Again Dog

2. The musical numbers

3. Emerson Cod’s love of money

3.5 Emerson’s love of knitting

4. The symmetry of the names: Charlotte Charles, the Darling Mermaid Darlings, Boutique Travel Travel Boutique, Couer d’Couers…

5. All the delicious-looking (and occasionally homeopathic-mood-enhancing) pies

6. Jim Dale as the narrator

7. Ned’s arms angst

8. The fact that Vivian’s name has two Is and Lily’s name has one I, and Vivian-the-character has two eyes while Lily-the-character has one eye.

9. The coroner, his Christmas sweater, and his mm-hmms

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