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TV Guide has a list of the 10 best TV pilots. Bold move, TV Guide. There’s no way to make everyone happy with this list. In fact, I was rather disappointed with it. So I decided to make my own list. And, okay, maybe these aren’t the best. But they are my favorite pilots, and for the most part, these are the episodes that made me want to watch. Isn’t that the point of a pilot? So here they are, in no particular order, amelie’s Ten Seven Best Favorite Pilots:

1. Arrested Development–Of course I’m going to include this episode. If you know me, you know that AD is my number one all-time favorite show ever. Maybe I didn’t start with the pilot. Maybe I started with season 2 and worked my way backwards. I’ll never tell. But as far as pilots go, this one is pretty funny, and it’s one I can watch over and over and over. And, uh, maybe I have.

2. Lost–I don’t actually watch this show anymore, but I was hooked on season 1 and the pilot is the reason. It’s jarring and frightening, with the desperate need to just survive laced through all the characters. The big mysteries didn’t matter at the time; all that mattered was getting from one moment to the next.

3. Spaced–From the opening scenes where you think one thing is happening but really it’s another thing entirely to the cross-breeding mice-spiders hell bent on stealing cheese, there is very little about this pilot that disappoints. I only just found Spaced (as in, I started watching it last night), but I’ve seen the pilot twice so far, and I could watch it a dozen more times. It sets up the show without hitting you in the head with exposition and it gets bonus points for being genuinely funny.

4. Veronica Mars–There was a lot to love about Veronica–her snark, her intelligence, her devotion to her father, her cynicism, her dog–and it was all there in the pilot. The season one arcs of who killed Lily and who raped Veronica were two very heavy and difficult subjects that were presented in a fairly raw manner, but the show managed to balance the angst and the humor from the very beginning.

5. Pushing Daisies–For a show that is so sweet it makes your teeth rot, Pushing Daisies deals with some pretty heavy stuff. Death and isolation don’t scream romance. If you can come away from the pilot without feeling sad for Ned, yet strangely happy that his once-dead childhood sweetheart is now undead and forever entangled in his strange, pie-filled world, then your heart is made of stone. Also, if you can come away from this pilot without craving pie, you are just not human.

6. The West Wing–One of my favorite character introductions was Leo McGarry’s battle with the Times crossword. It was such a little thing to get hung up on, but it’s something that happens to the best of us. Remember kiddies: Khaddafi is spelled with an H and two Ds and isn’t a seven letter word for anything.

7. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia–The episode is called “The Gang Gets Racist” and it does what it says on the tin: the proprietors of Paddy’s Pub act all kinds of inappropriate while taking on racism and homophobia in such a way that it didn’t leave me grossed out. It’s wrong on so many levels, but that’s what makes it funny.

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Seriously?! Why can’t Hollywood SUCCESSFULLY fake a Southern accent?

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