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She Said/She Said: Pop Culture Edition

Guilty Pleasure song you must dance to any time you hear it:

amelie: Baby Got Back and Hot in Herre. I also happen to know all the words to both songs. It’s a gift. Possibly a curse.

kegger:  Oh!  Oh! That Shake it Like a Poloroid Picture song!!!!

Karaoke is…

amelie: not something I enjoy doing, but it’s great fun to watch other people do, especially if they’re drunk and making fools of themselves.

kegger: something I only did once, in a closed in room in New York.  And that’s the only way to do it.  In front of a group of friends in a tiny room where no one can see you make a fool of yourself!

Which one of these could you go the longest without: iPod, cell phone, DVR, or hair gel?

amelie: Hair gel, I guess. I use the other three daily.

kegger: hair gel and DVR.  I don’t use hair gel and unfortunately, I don’t have DVR… yet.

Which Beverly Hills, 90210 character were you most like in high school?

amelie: God, seriously? I don’t know. I guess I was nerdy like Ohhhhndrea but hopefully not as insufferably annoying.

kegger: I refuse to answer this question.  I hated 90210.  And while we’re on the topic, seriously, is there ANYONE who’s excited about the new version?  Please say no.

When you were young, you wrote a fan letter to…

amelie: I don’t think I’ve ever written a fan letter, because even as  kid I knew I wouldn’t get a response. Such cynicism at such a young age…

kegger: Ditto.  Don’t think I ever wrote a fan letter.  Not my thing.

The piece of childhood pop-culture memorabilia you wish you still had…

amelie: My Little Ponies. I had a TON of them. Mom and Dad used to buy me one when I got sick (no, I didn’t get sick a lot. They bought them for other reasons, too.)

kegger: Oh, gosh.  I had all kinds of things.  My Little Ponies, Strawberry Shortcake dolls, Rainbow Bright dolls… G.I. Joes… Barbies… I have no idea.  This question is hard!

Dorkiest show you watched as a kid:

amelie: Ghostwriter. What a trip.

kegger: Captain Planet!!!  And Ghostwriter

Name a celebrity you’ve met.

amelie: Isaac Hayes. He opened a restaurant in Memphis, and a bunch of friends and I went before the grand opening. He signed autographs for us and danced with some of us (I don’t dance. It’s not pretty.) When I told him my name, he made a cross with his fingers, like “back off.” His third wife and I share a name. When I told him how I spelled my name, he decided I was all right and gave me a hug.

kegger: Morgan Freeman and Genevieve Gorder (the chick that used to be on Trading Spaces)

Name a time you’ve yelled at the TV.

amelie: Um, I yell when I watch football. And, oh yeah, at Supernatural. All the time, “It’s right behind you! TURN AROUND! GOD!” They never listen to me.

kegger: Football, definitely.  And scary movies.  Like when they run in OBVIOUSLY the worst direction possible.  That ticks me off.

The food you smuggle into movie theaters is…

amelie: candy (M&Ms or some other form of chocolate) and maybe a Coke

kegger: A can of Diet Coke and a Caramello or a Reeses

Your favorite reality show:

amelie: Project Runway

kegger:  Project Runway — the ONLY reality show I watch

The most overrated show on TV is…

amelie: Lost. I used to watch it like everyone else in the world. And then I decided that I didn’t need the Angst that Crashed a Plane and all the conspiracy theories and the endless questions without answers.

kegger: Lost and Heroes.  I’m over them both.

The show you’re most excited to see this fall is…

amelie: The Office! The Office! The Office!

kegger:  The Office!  And also Chuck.  I love Chuck.

Favorite movie/television quote:

amelie: “What? Oh, no! It’s the cops! Oh! And a .. construction worker.” GOB, Arrested Development. Oh, and, “It’s all fun and games until one of you gets my foot up your ass.” Veronica Mars

kegger: Oh gosh. Not the quotes again.  I have to actually THINK of this question.  They don’t just stick flawlessly in my head like they do with amelie.

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