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Two Random Conversations

The Squirrel Conversation

Creed:  “kegger, have you ever thought about being a squirrel?”

kegger:  “Um, no.” 

Creed:  “Really?  You haven’t?” 

kegger:  “No, Creed, I can honestly say I’ve NEVER thought about being a squirrel.  Not once.  Never.” 

Creed:  “Well what do you think of it?  Wouldn’t it be great to be a squirrel?” 

kegger:  “Um… no.  I can think of other animals I’d rather be than a squirrel.” 

Creed:  “Oh, but you could sit up in the trees and just watch everyone!” 

kegger:  “I could sit in a tree and watch people as a PERSON, Creed.” 

Creed:  “Oh, but it would just be so great to be a squirrel!” 

kegger:  “Um… okay.” 

Creed:  “What are you going to be for Halloween?” 

kegger:  “Huh?  It’s August.” 

Creed:  “Well, so.  Don’t you love Halloween?” 

kegger:  “Sure.” 

Creed:  “So what are you going to be?” 

kegger:  “Probably nothing, Creed.” 

Creed:  “Well why not?!” 

kegger:  “I only dress up if I go to a party.  As of now, I have no plans of going to a party.  If I go to a party, I’ll figure it out then.  I don’t just dress up for Halloween just to sit on my butt at home.” 

Creed:  “Don’t you just love fall days?  I can’t wait for fall.  Didn’t it almost feel like fall this morning to you?  A nice, cool fall morning?” 

kegger:  “Um, no.  It was as hot as balls this morning.  Hot and sticky and gross.  It’s August, Creed.  In Mississippi.  We’re nowhere close to fall yet.” 

Creed:  “Wouldn’t you just love to be a squirrel?” 


The Jason Conversation

Creed:  “kegger, do you ever think about Jason?” 

kegger:  Who?!?” 

Creed:  “You know, Jason.” 

kegger:  “I don’t know anyone named Jason, Creed.” 

Creed:  “You know.  Freddie?  Jason?  Do you ever think about Jason?” 

kegger:  “Um, no.  Can’t say that I EVER think about Jason.” 

10 minutes later….

Creed:  “Have you been thinking about Jason?” 

kegger:  “Not since the last time you asked me, Creed.” 

2 hours later…..

Creed:  “Are you thinking about Jason?” 

kegger:  “Not even a little bit.” 

30 minutes later….

Creed:  “Man, that Jason…” 


Earlier this morning: 

Creed:  What do you think of Chucky?” 

And just now: 

Creed:  “If you were to dress Lucy (my dog) up for Halloween, what would she be?”

I didn’t answer.

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