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August 15, 2008 at 2:32 pm Leave a comment

I know kegger and I say we’re alike a lot. And I’m sure y’all think we’re full of shit, just saying that because we think it’s funny or for whatever insane reason. Well, you’re wrong. Here are the things we’ve had in common in the last two days. Two days, people.

1. We both want henna tattoos.
2. We both looked up henna tattoo kits on Amazon.
3. We only want henna tattoos because we’re too afraid to get real tattoos.
4. We want tattoos in the same place (on our foot or hand/inner wrist arm area).
5. We both agree there’s no way that one Chinese gymnast is anything older than 12. Maybe she’s 14, but she’s not 16.
6. We both spent a lot of time looking at that one post with those pictures when we need a boost. You know the one.
7. Mmmmmm, Phelps and all his Olympic glory is by far the best thing going for the games this year, but we both agree that the media needs to back off his 8-gold-medals quest. WE GET IT, media. Now please shut up so we can watch the pretty, wet boy swim.
8. We both love love love Two Stick’s fried crawfish rolls.
9. We both think the wrong person got kicked off of Project Runway this week, and we both think the judges picked the wrong winner. Again.
10. amelie and kegger both want to kill Suede every time he speaks in third person on Project Runway.
11. we both crapped out at 2:00 friday afternoon and are now unable to use upper case letters or good grammar. deal with it.

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