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Take that, Scrabble!

As mentioned before, amelie and I are kind of addicted to playing Scrabulous on Facebook. And while we have no problem with the original Scrabble getting in on the Facebook action, we do have a problem with them taking away Scrabulous and replacing it with a Beta Scrabble that doesn’t even work!!! It’s just not a good way to make a first impression.

So we decided to boycott Scrabble. And now, we’re going with Wordscraper . Try it. It’s a suitable Scrabulous replacement. It’s pretty much the same thing, except with circles instead of squares. That, and their point system is a bit… wonky. For example. I spelled the word “HO” and got 36 points (amelie: We started this particular game with “porno” and “movie” Just in case you were wondering…). What?! How?! That, and it tells you that your word is worth 10 points, but then when you play the word, it says you got 14 points. That’s okay, though. It’s better than nothing. (amelie: I think you mean, “It’s better than Scrabble.” Just guessing.)

So screw Scrabble. Go with Wordscraper!!! (amelie: wheee! I’m back to my normal levels of non-productivity at work! It’s faaabulous!)

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