Blogging with Dr. Horrible

July 21, 2008 at 10:26 pm 6 comments

If you haven’t seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog, this won’t make sense. Actually, even if you have seen Dr. Horrible, this probably won’t make sense. brooklyn and I decided to live blog all three acts. And by “live” I mean “we had already watched all three acts multiple times before we decided to do this, so we knew how it ended.” We tried to get kegger in on the action, but she hates musicals so much that she couldn’t even enjoy this. She “liked all the parts without the singing.” Sigh. There’s no hope for her, apparently.

Act I

amelie: I want an evil laugh like that.

brooklyn: I want a vocal coach who will teach me how to laugh like that.

amelie: Ooh, sign me up, too!

amelie: I really want to hear Bad Horse’s terrible death whinny.

brooklyn: Neil Patrick Harris: a little like Barney in the beginning, yes?

amelie: Very much. He’s kind of a cross between suited up Barney and hippie granola Barney.

amelie: Ooh–“The world is a mess and I just…need to rule it.” Quote of the act?

brooklyn: At least in the top 5.

amelie: Adding “Captain Hammer, Corporate Tool” to the list.

brooklyn: Captain Hammer, Corporate Tool. Is that on his superhero business card?

amelie: Probably got it made where Tobias got his “analrapist” cards.

brooklyn: And here begins my favorite song of the act. “Laundry Day” or maybe “Freeze Ray.” Not sure if the official titles are known at this point, but it’s so catchy.

amelie: “It’s not a death ray.” Spoiler? Foreshadowing?

brooklyn: Joss Whedon and his foreshadowing. And we still didn’t get it.

amelie: Because we’re idiots. Love how confidant Dr. horrible is while blogging and how…not he is all other times.

brooklyn: I love his eye twitches. Change your contacts, dude.

amelie: Drink every time his eye twitches!

brooklyn: Moist is making people squirm all the world over, and for many different reasons. But he can dampen things! Like stamps.

amelie: Lily would totally hate him.

amelie: Watch out for that Bad Horse, or he’ll make you his mare.

brooklyn: Bad Horse is a badass. But not an actual jackass.

amelie: Wonderflonium–what’s it do?

brooklyn: I would like to bounce Wonderflonium to see what happens.

brooklyn: Felcia Day is adorable in this role. She was in Buffy, you know, as a Potential. And most recently created the online series, The Guild. Funny stuff.

amelie: Derailing this for a moment to say: no one should look that hot in a hoodie. It’s just wrong.

brooklyn: Right? Just as hot in a hoodie as he is in a suit or a lab coat. And it really brings out the blue in his eyes. *swoons*

brooklyn: Pay attention to her, Billy! His priorities are whack.

amelie: For real. Love ya, penny, but it’s Wonderflonium time! Uh, except you mean the other way around of course and I’m an idiot.

brooklyn: A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

amelie: Here’s the Corporate Tool!

brooklyn: Oh, Nathan. So hammy. So awesome and muscly and perfect in this role.

amelie: Captain Tight Pants rides again!

brooklyn: “The only doom that’s looming is you loving me to death.” Sort of.

amelie: Hey, spoiler! “It’s curtains for you. Lacy, gently wafting curtains.”–goes on the list

brooklyn: Yes. Love the reaction to that. “I wonder what you’re captain of.” Have you seen Firefly, Penny?

amelie: Apparently not. “Did you notice that he threw you into the garbage?” Also, apparently not.

brooklyn: They’re totally going to do it now.

amelie: I love how Dr. Horrible is the voice of reason in this song. Hammer threw her into the freaking garbage! And we end with “Balls.” Possibly my favorite word ever.

Act II

brooklyn: Starting off with a song this time. And my favorite one of the series. I’m totally singing along, are you? We can do the duet.

amelie: Are you Billy or Penny? I like how it gets gradually darker. Each act is more tragic than the previous.

brooklyn: I’ll sing Penny’s. And yes, but I figured it’d end a little happier than it did. Smart one, I am.

amelie: You’re not alone on that one. We all got Jossed. But hey—spoilers!

amelie: I love how put off Hammer is by being around all the homeless people. He’s so disgusted.

brooklyn: And notice how Captain Hammer doesn’t eat a bite of his fro-yo while Penny has nearly finished hers. He’s not having a good time aside from that paddle boat.

amelie: He also doesn’t like the ducks. Sigh. I just want to give Billy a big hug right now.

brooklyn: Penny really likes laundry. She can do mine. Except–well, nevermind.

amelie: There’s something wrong with liking laundry that much.

brooklyn: “What a crazy random happenstance.”

amelie: Line of the act?

brooklyn: I’ll say.

amelie: Self-inflicted spork stabbing in 3…2…1…

brooklyn: I love the giggling!

amelie: I love the little heart he drew on her fro-yo cup.

brooklyn: Aw, I missed that!

amelie: You think DeVry University gives out Ph.D.s in horribleness?

brooklyn: I’m not sure, but they really should. “Peace, but not literally.”

amelie: Good line, but still no “crazy random happenstance.” And, of course his freeze ray failed. Dr. Horrible, you always test your stuff before you actually use it. Did you skip that day at Horrible Academy?

brooklyn: Poor Billy. Nothing on the internet is safe!

amelie: I really think Hammer has no idea how to use a computer. I think he’s got nerds stashed in his basement.

brooklyn: I want the Bad Horse ring tone, btw.

amelie: Look! Heart on her cup!

brooklyn: Ok, that’s adorable.

amelie: What’s with the Snow White outfit Penny’s rocking in this scene?

brooklyn: She’s pure as snow, obviously. But her song hints to some past tragedies, I like that.

amelie: I keep thinking she’s involved in the Evil League of Evil somehow. OMG! She touched him!

brooklyn: Ohhh, almost kiss. So close!

amelie: Not only is Hammer a corporate tool, he’s also a cockblocker.

brooklyn: “How are things with cheesy-on-the-outside?” Hee. He’s a Cheeto.

amelie: Good for a few crunches but ultimately not fulfilling. Also turns your fingers orange. “Goodness, look at my wrist! I gotta go!” I’m so using that sometime.

brooklyn: Me, too. Hammer knows who he is! Not that it was hard to figure out.

amelie: Well, yeah. This isn’t Superman world where glasses are a clever disguise that fool everyone you’ve ever known. Confession: I’m incredibly bummed that I can’t use “the hammer is my penis” in a conversation.

brooklyn: *That’s* the line of the year.

amelie: Hear, hear! I think I love this song, “Brand New Day” best of all.

brooklyn: Um, NPH is really hot right there, all evil smiles and determination.

amelie: If evil was that hot all the time, the world would be doooomed. Also, is it wrong that I totally want that big-ass chair?

brooklyn: Oh, man, me, too. Why does he have two copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

amelie: One to read and one to take notes in?

amelie: Mmm. Giant Horrible. Except, ew, he’s got squished Hammer on his shoe.

brooklyn: Captain Hammer better watch out. His hammer can’t help him this time–or can it? Dun dun dun.


amelie: The fangirls (and guy) are the best part of this act.

brooklyn: I really like this song a lot. Enjoy the happiness while you can, suckers.

amelie: For real. We’re about to get punched in the grief bone. Captain Hammer is such a man whore. Oh, dude—Penny bought Billy a fro-yo!

brooklyn: Ow, my grief bone. I’m sad already. Is she wearing a sweater vest?

amelie: I’m sorry, but if you aren’t Seth Cohen, you shouldn’t ever wear a sweater vest.

brooklyn: I think Hammer took it to the dry cleaners…such a gentleman.

amelie: I’m going to read that as “such a tool.” There’s no way he voluntarily picked up Penny’s dry cleaning. Embarrassing confession: I totally fell for the “I hate the homeless…ness problem” line the first time I heard it.

brooklyn: Good thing he put away the cue cards. His improv is great.

amelie: He’s going off book! Someone reign him in!

brooklyn: Wait for it–Penny is about to realize what a dolt he is.

amelie: It’s about time. Nathan Fillion oozes smarm better than anyone I’ve ever seen.

brooklyn: I think Joss has weak deltoids of compassion.

amelie: I think he’s missing his grief bone. Heh–“friggin ‘tard”. That is so un-PC and I love it. I also love that Horrible has his evil laugh down. Those sessions with the vocal coach really paid off.

brooklyn: Oh, he is fully prepared. And a little scary, actually.

amelie: How does NPH go from incompetent nerd-boy to full-on evil?

brooklyn: I don’t know, but he is amazing. His voice blew me away. No pun intended.

amelie: No! He’s doing the thing all evil guys do–stop monologuing…er…soloing and get on with the killing!

brooklyn: I know.

brooklyn: Oh, don’t mention Penny…she’s rising from behind the seat now because you said her name!

amelie: Stay down, Penny! STAY DOWN! They never listen. Aw, look at that—Hammer is such a baby.

brooklyn: I almost can’t watch this part. Why, Joss, why?!

amelie: Why do you hate everyone? Why can’t you let any one have a happy ending? I WANT MY HAPPY ENDING YOU BASTARD!

brooklyn: No kidding. Although I will say that as much as this death sucks, this had to happen.

brooklyn: This is Dr. Horrible’s origin story. This is how he begins. There couldn’t be any other way.

amelie: Yes. It’s an origin story and there has to be some turning point.

amelie: Um, jinx?

brooklyn: I got a Coke for you.

amelie: The rules of jinx are unflinchingly rigid. But I think I owe you the Coke.

brooklyn: So…Penny’s going to come back in the sequel as a villain, right?

amelie: Or a zombie. Or a robot. Zombie-robot?

brooklyn: I’ll take my chances.

amelie: SHUT UP. Bad Horse is an actual (bad) horse?!

brooklyn: He can totally kick Mr. Ed’s ass.

brooklyn: I love the slow-mo celebration party. So evil

amelie: Diving into the shallow end of the pool, that red lab coat is hot.

brooklyn: The Evil League of Evil…my fave? Dead Bowie. What is his evil power?

amelie: Giving bad advice to struggling New Zealand folk band artists? Fake Thomas Jefferson is my favorite Evil League of Evil member.

brooklyn: Oh, Billy. Sad face.

amelie: Now I really want to give Billy a big hug and a mug of steaming hot chocolate. Because hot chocolate cures everything.

brooklyn: I keep thinking there might be something after the credits, but nope. That’s all folks.

amelie: No Bobby Ewing in the shower dream sequence for us.

brooklyn: Yeah, but we probably would have hated that more.

amelie: Probably. You know what I like? I like how in the beginning, Billy was blogging as Dr. Horrible—the one person he wanted to be. And at the end, Dr. Horrible blogs as Billy, because that’s who he wants to be now. He wants to go back to that incompetent nerd-boy who at least had a shot at love. But not with Tila Tequila.

brooklyn: Be careful what you wish for. And stay away from Tila Tequila’s grossness. I think those are the lessons that everyone should learn.

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Have your cake and eat it, too RIP, Scrabulous

6 Comments Add your own

  • 1. kegger  |  July 22, 2008 at 1:35 pm

    I can’t help it. I hate musicals. Most musicals have like, ONE decent song, and then the rest are crap. I usually think during musicals, “Well, this movie wouldn’t be bad if they’d just freaking stop singing!!!” If I ever watch one on DVD, I usually fast forward through the songs. And seeing Rent on Broadway in New York was painful, that’s all there was to it. It was painful. They just wouldn’t freaking stop singing! So yeah. I know. I’m a freak. Sue me.

  • 2. brooklyn  |  July 24, 2008 at 12:40 am

    Don’t tempt me, kegger! 😉 Also, the whole point of a musical is that they are supposed to sing. Rent on Broadway would’ve been awesome. I guess you hate the little singing parts on Pushing Daisies, too? Oh, and wanna go see Mamma Mia? Heh. Kidding.

    Granted, I don’t think every musical is the best thing ever, but Dr. Horrible certainly was!

  • 3. kegger  |  July 25, 2008 at 2:47 pm

    Rent on Broadway was horrible! It was so long! And they wouldn’t freakin stop singing! AND, the description was misleading. The description said, “Average New Yorkers struggle to make rent.” Yeah, if the average New Yorker is a lazy jobless bum with AIDS! I was so pissed off. Not about that, but damn. Stop singing, already! Two or three songs is enough. Fifty is going a bit overboard!

    Well, Pushing Daisies singing parts haven’t been that often, so I can ignore them. But yeah, if I had it on DVD, I would probably fast foward through those parts.

    And yeah, you can’t PAY me to go see Mama Mia. Not in a million years.

  • 4. ameliebee  |  July 25, 2008 at 2:57 pm

    I still think it’s so funny that you had no idea what Rent was about before you went to see it. Naive little Mississippi girl.

    So, Mama Mia this weekend, yes?

  • 5. kegger  |  July 29, 2008 at 12:19 pm

    Well, I had a general idea. I knew that Rent had AIDS in it. I didn’t know that every single person had AIDS. And not only that, but I’m not joking. The program we were given said, “Average New Yorkers struggle to make rent.” Um, no! That’s a big fat lie! That’s not the average New Yorker unless the average New Yorker is a lazy-ass bum who refuses to work! And has AIDS! So yeah, I’m ticked about that. I thought that one or two more people probably had AIDS. Not all 50 of them. I mean, shit. Seriously? EVERYONE’S got AIDS?

  • 6. kegger  |  July 29, 2008 at 12:20 pm

    And also, Mama Mia? Hell. No.


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