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I’m living an episode of The Office!

Note: Names have been changed to protect the innocent and deranged.

Yesterday, I got this email from my coworker Angela:

Damn, has Dwight never had a cold? He comes in here with his fag bag showing everyone his Amoxicillin…. He asked me If I’ve ever been “that sick”??? I said, well, yeah, of course.

Then he asked me if I’ve ever lost sense of smell while I was sick and I told him I had. Then he wanted to know if your sense of smell comes back eventually. He is such a moron!!!!!!!!!

And so I replied:

Next time he asks something like that, you should make up some ridiculous story about how one time you got sick and you haven’t been able to see the color blue since then. Or something like that. He would freak out. You could tell him that at first colors were just duller, but then they disappeared altogether. I bet he’d imagine that he was losing his ability to see color! I can see him falling for that.

Angela decides that this is, in fact, a brilliant plan, and the next time Dwight comes into her office, she lays the groundwork:


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