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I miss you so much it hurts sometimes

Last night I watched Celebrity Family Feud. Don’t judge me.

I have a perfectly good reason for it–it featured the casts of The Office and My Name Is Earl. And, okay, yeah, I’ll admit it. I enjoyed the hell out of that hour, but it only reinforced how much I miss normal non-summer-reality television.

Seeing Phyllis, Creed, Brian (Kevin), Oscar, and Kate (Meredith) on my television was wonderful. I’m so glad they kicked the American Gladiators’ asses. I would have been very disappointed in my favorite paper pushers if they had lost. But then…man I wasn’t prepared for what happened next. I knew the cast of Earl was going to play, but I thought it was going to be the cast–the actors. I was wrong. I got to watch Earl, Randy, Joy, Crabman, and Catalina play against TV’s Tim Stack, Patty the Daytime Hooker, Wilfred (?), Kenny, and Escobar Aloplop. They were in character, they were hilarious, and they were the best thing I’ve seen on television so far this summer.

I’m telling y’all, I was on a television high last night. The Office won it all, kicking Camden County’s ass and taking home a bunch of money for some charity I don’t remember. Then it ended, and I was left with America’s Got Talent, which sent me quickly back into the summer reality TV doldrums. But for a while, it was fun, it was awesome, it was just what I needed.

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