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RIP, Scrabulous

kegger and I have an addiction. It’s sad, and there’s no cure for it, but we are addicted to Scrabulous. We have played…well, I can’t tell you how many games we have played. (kegger: I believe it was 23 games, amelie (really? Wow.). Which may not sound all that impressive, but it is since we’re doing it while we work! (That’s what she said.) (hee!) Sometimes a game takes a week, simply because we’re actually working like we’re supposed to.) Literally, I cannot tell you because the Scrabulous application on Facebook is gone. In its place we now have the beta version of Scrabble. We are not amused. (kegger: beta Scrabble SUCKS!!!)

There is nothing wrong with Scrabble wanting a piece of the Facebook action. If Scrabulous was infringing on Hasbro’s copyright or whatever, fine. I’m just reeling from a massive case of the DTs coupled with rampaging frustration at this beta version and I need to vent.

(kegger: my thought is, why didn’t the just like, take over the scrabulous application, or partner up with them, or have them pay them a little bit of money or something? Because seriously, the beta version of Scrabble is NOTHING compared to the awesomeness that was Scrabulous. And the least they could have done for us was to get their own crappy program working correctly before taking away our Scrabulous.)

My problem is with the game itself. The old version–Scrabulous–wasn’t particularly pretty, but it was easy to use and functional. (kegger: It was much prettier than the ugly 80’s version that beta Scrabble’s got going on.) It did all the stuff I wanted it to: keying in of words with the keyboard, refresh button, a chat function (just ’cause), quick load time. It was simple–no fancy footwork or distracting animation to take my mind off the fact that kegger just spelled “vulva” (kegger: HAHAHAHAHA! I’m proud of that one.) and I had all the letters for “penis.” –True story. I had the letters but not the spot, so sadly, “penis” never made it on the board.

Scrabble, in its beta form, is none of these things. I’m not a patient person (I’m the girl who will drive five minutes out of the way just so I don’t have to wait two minutes in traffic), so twiddling my thumbs while all this crazy useless animation loads is a deal breaker. Having to refresh the page to see if kegger has taken her turn means I have to sit through all that crazy useless animation all over again, and then I have a panic attack that it won’t load at all. (kegger: and the animation isn’t evey pretty. It’s boring and pointless and stupid.)

Look, we aren’t knocking the developers. It’s a tough position to be in, losing a beloved application and forcing this new and not-quite-ready-for-primetime replacement on the Facebook world. It’s a nice effort, but the kinks aren’t worth the payoff yet.

If kegger’s up to it, I’m willing to give it a try and hope that, when the non-beta version rolls out in August, it will be all that and a bag of chips. But right now, I’m in mourning, and Facebook Scrabble is going to be my scapegoat. (kegger: Um, August is just four days away. Are they going to have it ready by then?)

UPDATE–I just received this message when I tried to load the game:

We’re working on some tech problems and Scrabble will be ready to play as soon as possible!

We appreciate all the great feedback we’ve received over the past week and as a result we’re making changes to Scrabble for its official launch in mid-August, including a streamlined app with the option to turn-off animations for faster gameplay and full keyboard functionality for those who prefer this way to play.

Please continue to let us know how we can make Scrabble – the best word game on Facebook – even better!

– The Scrabble Team

Which is great, but what the hell am I supposed to do in the meantime? Work?

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Blogging with Dr. Horrible

If you haven’t seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog, this won’t make sense. Actually, even if you have seen Dr. Horrible, this probably won’t make sense. brooklyn and I decided to live blog all three acts. And by “live” I mean “we had already watched all three acts multiple times before we decided to do this, so we knew how it ended.” We tried to get kegger in on the action, but she hates musicals so much that she couldn’t even enjoy this. She “liked all the parts without the singing.” Sigh. There’s no hope for her, apparently.

Act I

amelie: I want an evil laugh like that.

brooklyn: I want a vocal coach who will teach me how to laugh like that.

amelie: Ooh, sign me up, too!

amelie: I really want to hear Bad Horse’s terrible death whinny.

brooklyn: Neil Patrick Harris: a little like Barney in the beginning, yes?

amelie: Very much. He’s kind of a cross between suited up Barney and hippie granola Barney.

amelie: Ooh–“The world is a mess and I just…need to rule it.” Quote of the act?

brooklyn: At least in the top 5.

amelie: Adding “Captain Hammer, Corporate Tool” to the list.

brooklyn: Captain Hammer, Corporate Tool. Is that on his superhero business card?

amelie: Probably got it made where Tobias got his “analrapist” cards.


July 21, 2008 at 10:26 pm 6 comments

Have your cake and eat it, too

What do a giant pile of poo, poisonous bon bons, naked carrot-riding mohawk babies, and puffer fish have in common?

They’re all cake wrecks.

(I know I did a “check-this-link-out-it’s-sooo-funny post last week. But just try to tell me that “Happy Birthday Dickhead” isn’t funny.)

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I’m living an episode of The Office!

Note: Names have been changed to protect the innocent and deranged.

Yesterday, I got this email from my coworker Angela:

Damn, has Dwight never had a cold? He comes in here with his fag bag showing everyone his Amoxicillin…. He asked me If I’ve ever been “that sick”??? I said, well, yeah, of course.

Then he asked me if I’ve ever lost sense of smell while I was sick and I told him I had. Then he wanted to know if your sense of smell comes back eventually. He is such a moron!!!!!!!!!

And so I replied:

Next time he asks something like that, you should make up some ridiculous story about how one time you got sick and you haven’t been able to see the color blue since then. Or something like that. He would freak out. You could tell him that at first colors were just duller, but then they disappeared altogether. I bet he’d imagine that he was losing his ability to see color! I can see him falling for that.

Angela decides that this is, in fact, a brilliant plan, and the next time Dwight comes into her office, she lays the groundwork:


July 18, 2008 at 3:07 pm 3 comments

Be Stupid and Multiply

So, I found this site today. And I’ve spent almost an hour reading it. Y’all, people are idiots. I just…I can’t even…There are no words.

And yet, I have laughed my ass off all morning. Thanks, stupid people. You are highly amusing as long as I don’t have to deal with you.

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Who Said That? Awesome Edition

I know y’all have wanted another one of these, ’cause nothing says “dedicated to blogging” like a crappy (and kind of short) quote quiz. But I’m out of original thoughts at the moment, so this will have to do.

Remember, no cheating, you cheating cheaters who cheat.

1. You think it’s ’cause we’re so awesome? I think it’s ’cause we’re so awesome.

2. Hey, group hug! Awesome!

3. Beyoncé, pink the color, Pink the person, hot dogs, basically anything that is awesome, snowcones …

4. God! I smell good! You know what it is? It’s awesome. It is awesome. You gotta smell me.

5. Great. Great for you. You must be really proud of yourself. Awesome. Your grandfather’s a Nazi.

6. And someday, when the world is rid of Manbearpig, everyone will say, “Thank you ___ _____, you’re super awesome!” The end.

7. A: How’s your sorority speak? B: Like, awesome! Why?

8. If by “like the Loch Ness Monster,” you mean “totally exists and is awesome,” then, yeah, it’s like the Loch Ness Monster.

9. Party at Caleb’s. That sounds awesome. Maybe a little shuffleboard, a little bingo?

10. Oh please, tell me I’m a suspect! Awesome! ‘Cause,’ cause, you know what I did first? I took a magic potion that made the tissue paper sack I call my heart work, and then I stepped on his neck with the soggy atrophied bread sticks that used to be my legs.


July 11, 2008 at 10:58 am 8 comments

I miss you so much it hurts sometimes

Last night I watched Celebrity Family Feud. Don’t judge me.

I have a perfectly good reason for it–it featured the casts of The Office and My Name Is Earl. And, okay, yeah, I’ll admit it. I enjoyed the hell out of that hour, but it only reinforced how much I miss normal non-summer-reality television.

Seeing Phyllis, Creed, Brian (Kevin), Oscar, and Kate (Meredith) on my television was wonderful. I’m so glad they kicked the American Gladiators’ asses. I would have been very disappointed in my favorite paper pushers if they had lost. But then…man I wasn’t prepared for what happened next. I knew the cast of Earl was going to play, but I thought it was going to be the cast–the actors. I was wrong. I got to watch Earl, Randy, Joy, Crabman, and Catalina play against TV’s Tim Stack, Patty the Daytime Hooker, Wilfred (?), Kenny, and Escobar Aloplop. They were in character, they were hilarious, and they were the best thing I’ve seen on television so far this summer.

I’m telling y’all, I was on a television high last night. The Office won it all, kicking Camden County’s ass and taking home a bunch of money for some charity I don’t remember. Then it ended, and I was left with America’s Got Talent, which sent me quickly back into the summer reality TV doldrums. But for a while, it was fun, it was awesome, it was just what I needed.

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Radio Silence

My internet is broken, which makes having a blog slightly difficult.

July 5, 2008 at 11:50 am 2 comments

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