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Here are our thoughts on the week. It’s pretty heavy on the television. Keg and I are still trying to decompress from crazy (cough*phone-washing*cough) weekends.

The Office

amelie: Dude. Dude. There’s a lot to process with this episode, and when I’m more coherent, I’ll post a better analysis of it. But for now, here are my fangirl thoughts: Best office party ever. Seriously. I want Phyllis to plan my parties. Jim was all kinds of on fire with closing the big deal, giving Michael sound relationship advice, gearing up to propose to Pam, and leaving hilarious voicemails to a now-jailed Ryan. Oh, how the mighty have fallen, Mr. Howard. Snerk. Kevin-is-retarded has got to be the best running gag on the show in a long time. I hope they keep that up.

kegger: Oh holy geeze that was without a doubt the most exciting hour of television that I’ve seen since the writer’s strike ended! Ryan got arrested! DWIGHT AND ANGELA!!!!! DWIGHT AND ANGELA DOING IT IN THE OFFICE!!! They were the LAST people I expected to see doing the nasty in the workplace. I’m still a little in shock!!! And while I was initially pissed about Andy ruining Jim’s moment, I’m okay with it now as long as they get engaged eventually. Eventually being sooner rather than later. And JAN’S PREGNANT! At first, when she told Michael that it wasn’t his, I said, “OHMYGOSH IT’S HUNTER’S!”

amelie: Yeah, you did. I thought you were a genius. I might have to revoke that status.

kegger: But now I’m not so sure. I don’t think she went to a sperm bank, though. I mean, what would be the point of doing that while she was still dating Michael? So, my current running theories is that it’s either Michael’s and she’s just not telling him, or that it’s Hunter’s. But I think it might be Michael’s. And Toby’s replacement is awesome!

amelie: I think it’s Michael’s, too. Jan is masterful at lying to herself. Switching gears a little, check out the first deleted scene. A Meredith-Dwight alliance is the work of the devil. Question: if the devil were to explode and evil were gone forever, what sort of party would you have?

[amelie: kegger doesn’t watch the next two shows, but I do, so here is my take on Reaper and Bones:

Reaper: I only saw the last five minutes, so all I know is Sam’s the son of the Devil! I knew it had to be something like that. I can’t wait to see how this pans out, and since Reaper got a pick up from the CW (as a midseason show, but still–better than nothing at all), I’ll get some closure on this.

Bones: Holy shit. Booth got shot, y’all! If this were Torchwood or Doctor Who or Heroes, I’d be worried that Booth was really dead, but it’s not, so I’m not. I do hope that he isn’t too badly hurt. And I’ve got to say that watching Bones plug Fat Pam in the throat was totally ruthless and awesome. She is definitely Max Keenan’s daughter.]

Doctor Who–spoilers after the jump

amelie: I’ve now caught up to most of the episodes that have aired in the UK (“Partners in Crime” through “The Poison Sky”), but I haven’t seen all of “The Doctor’s Daughter” yet. Let me just get this out of the way first: Donna is awesome to the awesomest degree. Even though she is just a human and doesn’t always believe she *can* do what needs to be done, she still does what needs to be done. The Doctor believes in her. Not only that, he trusts her. She truly is good for him, and I have loved every moment of this season so far.

kegger: I have to admit that I REALLY didn’t want to like Donna during the first episode of this season, mainly because I absolutely loathed her during the Runaway Bride episode. Now? She’s totally grown on me. She actually might tie with Rose, but for different reasons. amelie and I have had extensive conversations about how Rose’s chemistry was stellar with Nine, and how Donna is perfect for Ten. Donna is just what the Doctor needs right now. But I admit, I still miss Rose. Martha? Eh.

amelie: I also watched “Rose” from the first season, which only served to reinforce my love for that season. Billie Piper and Christopher Eccleston had excellent chemistry. While the Doctor’s ADD-crazed rants can get old after a while, watching Nine flit through Rose and Jackie’s apartment never fails to crack me up. I love it when the Doctor’s companions do stuff–Rose swinging down to save the Doctor from the mannequins, Donna swallowing her fear and going into open Sontaran territory to turn the teleport back on. It’s not always the Doctor who saves the day, and it definitely doesn’t require a save from sparkly Jesus Tinkerbell Doctor.

How I Met Your Mother

amelie: Mother-flipping hell, please put Barney and Ted back together. It’s not fun for me. And if Britney never reappears on the show again, I’ll be a happy, happy girl.

kegger: Britney just isn’t a good actress. I didn’t get to watch the first HIMYM ep with Britney on it because that was before amelie hooked me on HIMYM, but if she acted as badly in THAT episode as she did in THIS one, then she really just needs to go away. Barney and Ted really need to make amends and get over it.

amelie: Yeah, boys. Just kiss and make up already.

amelie: 27 Dresses. Shut up. Just shut up, all of you. I like James Marsden. You can all kiss my ass.

kegger: Hey, was it good? I want to see it! I don’t care if it’s nothing but fluff. Sometimes fluff is exactly what I need. Remember, we were supposd to watch it that time but instead we ended up eating sushi and watching season 1 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Which was awesome. How was it?

amelie: Eh. It was predictable and okay. We were much better off eating sushi and watching Philly, though. Dropping $8 on this movie would have kind of pissed me off.

kegger: I Am Legend: Sucked. Don’t waste your time. Everyone I know who has ever read the book said that it was awesome. I fully intend to read the book at some time in the near future, but I wish that I hadn’t wasted my time with the movie. It was kind of boring. And they completely changed the movie. It was just… eh. Not really even worth renting.

Moment of the Week

amelie: If Jim had actually managed to propose and wasn’t rock-blocked (pop-blocked? Ring-blocked?) by Andy, that would be the hands-down winner. But since there was no Jim-Pam proposal, I’m going to give it to the tag: Phyllis walking in on D and Monkey getting it on. Because I love the dysfunction that is Dwight and Angela.

kegger: Agreed. The entire episode just might make Moment of the Month, for me. I wish I had thought to record it so I could rewatch it.

amelie: I’ve got it on my DVR. You can come watch it whenever.

Runner Up

amelie: I know it’s technically from a couple of weeks ago (or hasn’t actually happened yet if you live in the US and aren’t obsessively you-tubing/bittorenting DW), but I’m still playing catch up, so I’m still going with Ten’s “Are you my mummy?” from “The Poison Sky”. Very cool callback to two of my favorite–and creepiest–season 1 Doctor Who episodes.

kegger: Agreed. We (husband and I) both laughed pretty hard at that.

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