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A little advice to defendants going to trial…

After spending one painfully long day in court for jury duty, I have one word of advice to those who are going to be a defendant in a trial.  

DON’T scowl and glare at the prospective jury that will be holding your life in their hands.  That makes us think that you’re automatically guilty and that you’re an asshole and that you’re being overly defensive for some reason.  

Just sit there.  You don’t have to smile and look all happy (that might actually be kind of creepy, seeing as how you’re on trial and all), but it’s not wise to glare and purse your lips at the jury and stare them all down like you want to beat their asses.  Remember, you’re innocent until proven guilty, but if you glare at the people who get to decide your fate, you’re not exactly starting on the right foot.  

You’d think that would be common sense.  

Update:  The scowling defended was most definitely guilty.  He got 10 years in jail.  See?  Told ya.  Don’t give your jury the evil eye.  

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