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Doesn’t this sound like something from a sci-fi flick?

A couple of weeks ago, Tim Flannery, an Australian scientist, said that global warming was becoming so dire that we would have to resort to “global dimming” in order to stop it. Global dimming would dim the sun and keep the earth from heating up. To achieve this, we would have to put sulfur into the Earth’s stratosphere. They would do this by adding something into jet fuel. Putting sulfur into the air would also change the color of our skies–I’m assuming to a yellowish color, since sulfur is yellow.

This is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard in my life. One, have you ever smelled sulfur? It smells like ass. I don’t know if we would be able to smell it or not, but I’m assuming it would put off some sort of odor, even if it was really high up, right? Two, isn’t sulfuric acid what causes acid rain? Wouldn’t putting sulfur in the atmosphere cause acid rain???

And also, doesn’t this kind of remind you of that part in The Matrix where Morpheus talks about the humans darkening the skies? Kinda creepy.

I seriously think there would have to be better ways to stop global warming other than putting sulfur into the skies. Even Tim Flannery admits that he doesn’t know what the consequences should be. Shouldn’t that be something that’s researched before he goes off and says that we need to do it within the next five years?

And I know this is probably one of the most ridiculous reasons to be against this that I could possibly ever have, but I can’t help it, I’m a photographer. Can you IMAGINE how crappy all of our photos would look with a yellow tint to them? That would suck!!!

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Friday’s Photo

Man, we really suck at getting these things posted. We humbly apologize for being lazy procrastinators. It won’t happen…okay, yeah, it’ll probably happen again. ANYway. This week’s photo is from Oxford, Miss., above Square Books.

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The Awesomes

We’ve already discussed the things that sucked this television season. Now here are the things we loved, laughed at, and talked about. brooklyn is helping us out again, because she rocks like that.

Most Dramatic Moment in a Comedy: Ted breaks up with Barney, How I Met Your Mother; Jim comforts Dwight, The Office
amelie: My heart broke a little when Ted ended his bro-lationship with Barney. It was sad and depressing, just like a break-up should be.

kegger: Love both of these, but Ted breaking up with Barney wins hands down for me.

brooklyn: Definitely HIMYM. Usually, if I cry during Mother, it’s because I’m laughing too hard. This breakup punched me in the grief bone.
Winner: Ted and Barney’s break up

Awesomest New Show: Pushing Daisies, Chuck, Gossip Girl
amelie: I love you, Chuck, but PD wins this one for me. I’m a sucker for whimsy and Lee Pace. (See: Wonderfalls)

kegger: PD and Chuck tie for me. I love them both for different reasons. One is funny and awesome, and the other whimsical and dream-like.

brooklyn: PD. Come on, the aunts are synchronized swimmers! Olive! Emerson! And, of course, Ned is the sex.

Winner: Pushing Daisies

Yes, They Went There Award (for actually paying off a season-long story line): sending Dean to Hell, Supernatural
amelie: I’m currently in the middle of season 1 and haven’t seen any of season 3, but I do know that the hell hounds did, in fact, swoop down on Dean and sent his short-but-very-fine-ass to hell, where there are meat hooks and blood and pain.
Winner: Supernatural, by default

Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Award for shows that fuck with time: Doctor Who, Lost, HIMYM
amelie: DW, obvi. I mean, he’s a time-traveling, planet-hopping alien. And he coined the phrase “wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey.”

kegger: DW. His competition isn’t really on the same level when it comes to wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff.

brooklyn: Lost. Flashforwards, flashbacks, and time-travel lead to headaches.
Winner: Doctor Who

Thank God for Non-Reality Summer Programming: Psych, Burn Notice
amelie: This is difficult, because I love both these shows very much. But I’m going to give it to Psych because it’s all-out silly and fun and just what I want in the summer. Although, if I get lots of shirtless Jeffrey Donovan, my vote might change…

kegger: Tie.

brooklyn: Psych. Shawn & Gus: the best of bros.
Winner: Psych

Animal sidekick who deserves his own show: Digby the undying dog, Pushing Daisies; Sprinkles the cat, The Office
amelie: Whenever I see poor, unpetted Digby, I have to give my dog a big hug. Not only has he stuck by Ned’s side all these untouchable years, he makes a kick-ass dancing partner. Sprinkles loses points for being mercy-killed by Dwight.

kegger: Love Digby. I still think it’s kind of a miracle that he hasn’t touched him in this long. I think I would have by accident, I think. Plus, I light to snuggle up with my dog, so having Digby around would be kind of difficult for me.

brooklyn: Agreed. And, Sprinkles is dead.

Winner: Digby

Most Inappropriately Funny Moment of the Season: Jack role plays Tracy Jordan’s family, 30 Rock
amelie: I believe I sat in stunned silence for a good 30 seconds after watching this the first time. And then I rewatched it and laughed until I couldn’t breathe.

brooklyn: Agreed. Best therapy session ever.
Winner: Jack Donaghy

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Who Said That: The Sequel

Here’s another round of Who Said That, all centered around a common (and fairly obvious) theme.

Rules: twelve quotes from twelve different television shows. Without any cheating, Google-fu or using anything other than your brain, see how many quotes you know. I want the names of both the television show and the character who said it. Bonus points if you know the name of the episode.

Edit: I also posted the answers to the unsolved quotes from the first game.

1. Do you have anything that says ‘Dad Likes Leather’?

2. Well, I’m just… If the paste matches the pants, you can make yourself a pair of paste pants and she won’t know the difference!

3. A man walks down the street in that hat, people know he’s not afraid of anything.

4. Why would somebody give somebody a Christmas sweater for Christmas? You can only wear it that day.

5. I don’t need society’s permission to buy a white dress! Who says this is a wedding dress anyways? In Korea, they wear white to funerals!

6. Pulling. Them. Off.

7. Uh, I feel a little under-dressed, but at least I’m not dressed like a slutty cheerleader, right? Is that mean?

8. I lost my panties last night.

9. Yeah, that’s because I made fun of her shoes and Sam said there were nuclear weapons in Kyrgyzstan and Donna went to clear up the mix up and accidentally left her underwear.

10. Wear the eye patch, Bret. Wear the funky funky eyepatch.

11. Shawn’s going to put on that dress and wait for someone to shoot him.

12. Sweetheart, I don’t do shorts.

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The Un-Awesomes

kegger and I decided to create our own television awards. And we’re doing it now when there’s not a glut of awards show pomp and glitz. In other words, it just occurred to us. The first part is the Un-Awesomes: the awards for things that basically sucked. We asked our good friend and fellow tv-geek freak fan brooklyn to help us out. Three opinions are better than two, even if that third opinion is eerily similar to ours.

Without further ado, here are the nominees and winners (losers?) for the Un-Awesomes:

The Jericho Kiss Of Death: Moonlight

amelie: There’s one show every year that people try desperately to save. See:Arrested Development, Veronica Mars, Jericho. This year it was Moonlight. The fans even had a blood drive to save the show. When the gift of life can’t un-dead a show about the un-dead, there’s no hope.

kegger: I wish, just for once, that they’d let the cult favorite show stay on the air. I’m STILL bitter about Veronica Mars. Plus, Logan Echolls is once again homeless now that Moonlight is officially cancelled. Poor Logan. (Did they really put on a blood drive to save the show?!)

brooklyn: I didn’t watch Jericho and I didn’t watch Moonlight. And now I’m glad.

Winner: Moonlight

Cassidy “Beaver” Casablancas Memorial Award for Biggest Out-of-Left-Field Villainy: Zack Addy, Bones
amelie: I’m still stunned at this. I mean, if you actually go back and watch the episode where the lobbyist died, it’s clearly not Eric Millegan. So, uh, screw you Hart Hanson. You suck.

brooklyn: Agreed. But, you know, it would’ve been even crazier if it’d been Angela–isn’t she the one that “recreates” the flesh? And is a people’s person? That could be interpreted to mean that she also eats people. Whatever, BONES.
Winner: Zack Addy

Biggest Letdown, returning show: Heroes
amelie: I don’t even know where to begin with this. Hiro’s interminable stay in feudal Japan. Peter’s Oirish girlfriend. Claire’s douchebag boyfriend. The fact that I STILL don’t get Niki/Jessica’s power. I don’t even remember how the season ended, that’s how disappointed I was in it.

kegger: I’m in total agreement. Ali Larter‘s character is completely useless. And Claire’s boyfriend was the biggest ball of cheese I’ve ever seen. And hm… let’s see. I think at some point during the season finale, Kristen Bell was sitting in a car and a window got broken. It’s sad when that’s the most memorable part of the episode for me.

brooklyn: I couldn’t even watch this season. Epic fail.
Winner: Heroes

Biggest Letdown, new show: Bionic Woman

amelie: I saw five minutes of the pilot and passed out from boredom.

kegger: I watched one episode. I like Katee Sackoff in BSG, and I didn’t expect to like this show, but I thought I’d give it a chance. It’s sad that Katee Sackoff stole the show with her wimpy part. The person they picked to be their main character just didn’t work. Not to mention that the show just sucked in general.

brooklyn: I saw two episodes. I liked 20% of it. And her name was Michelle Ryan.
Winner: Bionic Woman

All Sex and No Plot Gives My Television the Clap
: Grey’s Anatomy, Torchwood
amelie: This one is a draw for me. On the one hand, there was a whole storyline on GA about how every had VD. (Yeah, so it was a few years ago. IT STILL HAPPENED.) On the other hand, Captain Jack will sleep with
anything that moves, up to and including various alien life forms.

kegger: This one is a tough one, because they both have lots of useless sex. But I think I might pick Torchwood to be the winner of this one. Their sex scenes (or their implication of sex scenes) just didn’t fit with the show. They were awkward and just…strange.

brooklyn: I’ll go with Torchwood, as well, even though I don’t watch it.
Winner: Torchwood

I Don’t Care How Good You Say This Show Is, I’m Not Watching It: The Big Bang Theory, Aliens in America, Ugly Betty, Brothers and Sisters, The Wire

amelie: I’m going to give this one to The Wire. If I never hear How! Incredibly! Awesome! The Wire is ever again, I’ll die happy.

kegger: Draw. No thank you to all of them. I’m sick of hearing about them!

brooklyn: Out of all of them, I’d probably actually watch The Wire. So I’m going to say Aliens in America. Screw you, CW.
Winner: The Big Bang Theory, Aliens in America, Ugly Betty, Brothers and Sisters, The Wire

Worst Use of a Former Veronica Mars Cast Member: Percy Daggs in the Orbit commercial, Kristen Bell in Heroes

amelie: Percy. Always Percy. My soul dies a little every time I hear him say, “Bring it on, Düsseldorf.” At least this is a step up from the Hot Pockets commercial.

kegger: I would nominate that chick that plays Hannah–she’s on the KFC/McDonald’s commercial (we can’t decide which one) but I refuse to nominate her because I hated that bitch!

brooklyn: Percy. Hannah is dead to me. And it’s totally KFC because I am a nerd and checked the website.
Winner: Percy

Worst Boss in TVLand: Michael Scott, The Office; Jack Donaghy, 30 Rock
amelie: I’d hate to work for either of these guys, but for different reasons. I think, though, that Michael wins (loses?) this one. At least Jack isn’t a walking sexual harassment lawsuit.

kegger: Michael Scott hands down, but that’s because I don’t watch 30 Rock.

brooklyn: I would work for Michael. I would be like Holly and laugh at his jokes, and it would be joyous. I would also work for Jack, but since he’s lost his job, I’m going to have to go with Michael Scott–the Japanese version.
Winner: Michael Scott of any ethnicity

Stay tuned for the Awesomes: the things that rocked our socks this tragically short television season.

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I’m a little disturbed…

By how many people search for the word “poo” and stumble upon our blog.  30 searches for the word “poo” yesterday.  And one for “girls pooping.”  Ew.  I don’t think I want to know what that’s about.  


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Indiana Jones and the Four Pound Crystal Skull

Yesterday, Puddle and I went to see the new Indiana Jones flick.  Lots of people have been expecting this movie to be the biggest hit of the summer.  After seeing it, I have to say that I REALLY wish that George Lucas had just let things be.  Why couldn’t it have ended with The Last Crusade?  

When I walked out of the movie theater, I was disappointed.  The more I have time to think about it, though, the more annoyed I got with the movie.  I thought Lucas was an anal perfectionist. And if he is, what the hell happened to this movie?  There were so many inconsistencies that it got kind of ridiculous.  

If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read any further.  

  1. The crystal skull was obviously plastic.  It looked like a cheap prop.  Plastic on the outside, tin foil on the inside.  Which, I’m sure it was, but shouldn’t they have tried a little harder?  A crystal skull that big would have weighted a good 40 pounds, at least.  It was huge!  But throughout the entire movie, Indiana and Oxley and everyone else carry it around like it weighs 4 pounds.  They don’t even TRY to make it appear heavy.  
  2. The skull is magnetic.  Putting a thin piece of fabric on top of it would not make it unmagnetic.  It seemed like the skull was only magnetic when it was convenient.  Sometimes it didn’t affect metal around it at all.  Other times, it did.  It wasn’t consistent.  
  3. Okay, so the aliens were archaeologists and they collected an assload of things from all over the world?  Tons and tons of stuff, from every culture.  Okay… so why did they destroy everything that they collected when their flying saucer took off?  What was the point of spending all of that time accumulating everything if they were just going to destroy it?  It seemed a bit pointless.  
  4. Also, why the heck did the aliens turn into one person at the end?  I don’t get it.  What was the point?  I DON’T GET IT!  
  5. So if you had to have the crystal skull to get into the room with all of the other crystal skulls, how did the Spanish Conquistador get in the room to steal the skull in the first place???  
  6. Seriously–I thought Lucas was a perfectionist.  How did he miss all of these inconsistencies???  I mean, they were so obvious!  How did he miss them?!?!?  Inconsistencies in movies/television shows are one of my biggest pet peeves!  
  7. Was it just me, or was Harrison Ford not quite as Indiana Jones-ish this time?  It just didn’t feel like the others.  
  8. Having Mudd (or was it Mutt?  I can’t remember.  Anyway, whatever.)  fly through the jungle on vines like Tarzan was a little ridiculous.  And why did the monkeys only attack the Communists?  
I think that George Lucas just needs to retire.  Was anybody truly happy with the prequel Star Wars movies?  (I’m not a Star Wars fan myself, so I can’t really talk, but I’ve never heard avid fans say good things about those movies.  They always criticize them.)  And now he’s ruined Indiana Jones.  I think he should just call it a day.  He’s loaded and he’s got a few decent films under his bet.  He should just retire.  It doesn’t seem like he’s done much worth mentioning in the last ten years or so.  
So for those of you who haven’t seen Indiana Jones yet, I’d say wait and Netflix it.  It’s kind of a disappointment.  But maybe that’s just me.  

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Reactions to Finales

Bones: Zack is Gorgonzola’s apprentice? ZACK is Gorgonzola’s apprentice?! Screw you, Bones. SCREW YOU.

How I Met Your Mother: Barney loves Robin! Barney and Ted are back together! Barney loves Robin!

Oh, yeah, and Ted proposed to Stella. What’s up with that?

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Double Take: The Office

Now that season 4 is officially over, it’s time for some reflection. I know a lot of fans had problems with this season, myself included. I think the network prematurely shot its wad buy burning off the hour-long episodes so early in the season. Live and learn, guys, and dole those hour-longs out all year.

A lot of fans also had problems with the Jim-Pam storyline. They were too boring, too smug, too cutsey, too emphasized, not emphasized enough, too this, too that. I never had any problems with this story. Jim and Pam aren’t the only Dunder Mifflin couple, and they don’t have to be the main source of angst. I think the downfall of Dwight and Angela filled that void quite nicely.

And that’s the real point of this post. Dwight and Angela were to season four as Jim and Pam were to season 2.

No, really. No. Really.

In season 2, we had lovable goofball Jim, a total smitten kitten when it came to Pam. She was in some deep denial and, conveniently enough, was engaged to lunkhead Roy. (No, I don’t hate Roy. But he was a lunkhead.) There were lots of missed moments between Jim and Pam that culminated in one last desperate attempt to win her over: Casino Night. “I’m in love with you.” That kiss. Casino Night is forever burned into my brain as one of the most romantic television episodes, ever. It didn’t work out the way I had hoped, but eventually I got what I wanted.

When season 4 starts, we’ve got office dork and sci-fi fan Dwight in the most stable and happiest relationship he’s probably ever had with Angela. They are both freakish in their own ways, but somehow they just work. Monkey and D are a pair to behold. Until Dwight mercy kills Angela’s beloved cat Sparkles. Angela, unable to get past this heinous (yet well-intentioned) act, breaks Dwight and millions of fans’ hearts. She can hold a grudge–she hasn’t spoken to her sister in, what, 16 years, and she doesn’t even remember why anymore. So she starts going out with Andy. And continues to date him.

Now we’ve got lovesick, smitten kitten Dwight and Angela in a relationship with an Ivy-League educated salesman lunkhead. Dwight and Jim have effectively switched roles. Jim is in the most stable and happiest relationship of his life, while Dwight is miserable and heartbroken, but still has to see his love every day.

If anyone can empathize with Dwight’s situation, it’s Jim, as evidenced by the way Jim comforts is heartsick co-irker in “Money.” Dwight’s misery continues throughout the season until it all comes to a head during “Goodbye, Toby.”

This episode is Dwight and Angela’s “Casino Night.” We’ve got a party, a woman with the wrong man, the right man miserable yet making the best of the situation. Here’s where things go into bizarro world: Instead of Dwight boning up and telling Angela how he feels (no “I’m in love with you. I’m sorry if that’s weird for you to hear, but I needed to to know. Once.” from D.), we get Andy proposing to Angela, and Angela accepting. Eep!

Things seem hopeless for Dwight, much like they seemed hopeless for Jim in “Casino Night.” Only this time we don’t get a sneak peek at one of the most romantic kisses in the history of television. We’re in bizarro world, remember? Dwight and Angela are, apparently, way past tender, world-tilting kisses, because they are getting it on. In the office. And they get caught, like Jim and Pam, only not by stealthy cameramen. No, here in bizarro world, Phyllis fully walks in on them.

I have two things to say to that: HOLY CRAP! and ew.

So is it just me, or are Dwight and Angela…

…the new Jim and Pam?

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Here are our thoughts on the week. It’s pretty heavy on the television. Keg and I are still trying to decompress from crazy (cough*phone-washing*cough) weekends.

The Office

amelie: Dude. Dude. There’s a lot to process with this episode, and when I’m more coherent, I’ll post a better analysis of it. But for now, here are my fangirl thoughts: Best office party ever. Seriously. I want Phyllis to plan my parties. Jim was all kinds of on fire with closing the big deal, giving Michael sound relationship advice, gearing up to propose to Pam, and leaving hilarious voicemails to a now-jailed Ryan. Oh, how the mighty have fallen, Mr. Howard. Snerk. Kevin-is-retarded has got to be the best running gag on the show in a long time. I hope they keep that up.

kegger: Oh holy geeze that was without a doubt the most exciting hour of television that I’ve seen since the writer’s strike ended! Ryan got arrested! DWIGHT AND ANGELA!!!!! DWIGHT AND ANGELA DOING IT IN THE OFFICE!!! They were the LAST people I expected to see doing the nasty in the workplace. I’m still a little in shock!!! And while I was initially pissed about Andy ruining Jim’s moment, I’m okay with it now as long as they get engaged eventually. Eventually being sooner rather than later. And JAN’S PREGNANT! At first, when she told Michael that it wasn’t his, I said, “OHMYGOSH IT’S HUNTER’S!”

amelie: Yeah, you did. I thought you were a genius. I might have to revoke that status.

kegger: But now I’m not so sure. I don’t think she went to a sperm bank, though. I mean, what would be the point of doing that while she was still dating Michael? So, my current running theories is that it’s either Michael’s and she’s just not telling him, or that it’s Hunter’s. But I think it might be Michael’s. And Toby’s replacement is awesome!

amelie: I think it’s Michael’s, too. Jan is masterful at lying to herself. Switching gears a little, check out the first deleted scene. A Meredith-Dwight alliance is the work of the devil. Question: if the devil were to explode and evil were gone forever, what sort of party would you have?

[amelie: kegger doesn’t watch the next two shows, but I do, so here is my take on Reaper and Bones:

Reaper: I only saw the last five minutes, so all I know is Sam’s the son of the Devil! I knew it had to be something like that. I can’t wait to see how this pans out, and since Reaper got a pick up from the CW (as a midseason show, but still–better than nothing at all), I’ll get some closure on this.

Bones: Holy shit. Booth got shot, y’all! If this were Torchwood or Doctor Who or Heroes, I’d be worried that Booth was really dead, but it’s not, so I’m not. I do hope that he isn’t too badly hurt. And I’ve got to say that watching Bones plug Fat Pam in the throat was totally ruthless and awesome. She is definitely Max Keenan’s daughter.]

Doctor Who–spoilers after the jump


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