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Slap Bet Edition
We love How I Met Your Mother. (I loved it first, and it only took two years for me to convince kegger that she would love it, too.) Since I’ve been with the show since it started and kegger’s only been watching for a few weeks, we thought we would double team one of the funniest episodes to date: Slap Bet.

For the sake of getting to the fun stuff, we’re going to assume that you at least have a passing familiarity with the show, and in particular this episode. If you’ve forgotten (gasp!), here’s the rundown: Robin hates malls, has a secret, which may or may not involve being married or being a porn star or both. Barney and Marshall slap bet to find out the truth and each get slapped several times in the episode. The payoff of all the secrets and lies and slaps is Robin Sparkles, Robin Scherbatsky’s Canadian pop princess alter-ego. She is bedazzled and bangeld and awesome. Even though neither Marshall nor Barney were correct in their assumptions, Marshall gets to slap Barney ten times in a row now or five times for eternity (because of some premature slapulation at slap o’clock without the consent of the Slap Bet Commissioner). Barney chooses the five for eternity. So far, we’ve seen three.

ameliebee’s take: The most fascinating part of the episode for me is the five-for-eternity v. 10-right-now debate between Robin and Ted and Marshall and Barney. Ted, the guy who normally likes to prolong things and draw them out as much as possible, chooses the 10 slaps now. Robin chooses the five, because, “Why get ten when you can get five?” Ted understands the fundamental problem with the five for eternity: “…the constant fear of knowing that at any moment you could get slapped in the face would drive you crazy.” I gotta go with Ted on this one. Ten slaps in a row would be torturous, but only for a little while. Living with the constant fear of getting your nose slapped off would be unbearable. I also see this as a nice foreshadowing to their eventual breakup. They are different on a fundamental level, and the 5 v. 10 debate nicely parallels their breakup-now-or-prolong the-inevitable decision at the end of season 2.

While the Robin Sparkles reveal was classic, my favorite part of the episode was the slap bet. My inner 12-year-old apparently loves watching people get slapped. I’ve got to give it up for NPH and Jason Segel–they sell the hell out of those slaps:

I’ve watched this show from the beginning, and it’s one of the few shows I don’t feel the overwhelming urge to spoiler myself. So I knew absolutely nothing about the slap bets and Robin Sparkles. And I loved it. Not knowing made the episode that much more enjoyable because I got to discover the secrets and lies and slaps with the characters. Maybe there’s something to this no-spoiler thing.

Favorite lines:

Ted: You are driving me crazy. No wonder your fake husband moved to Hong Kong.
Robin: He moved there for business!

And this:

Barney: Your hands are monstrous.
Marshall:You’ve seen my penis, what did you expect?

kegger’s take: I, like amelie, was fascinated by the choice that Barney made at the end of the episode. I would go for the 10 slaps any day. Those 5 slaps would control my life until they were over. (ab, we get to see a 3rd slap?! Cool!! I’ve only seen two!!! [Yep. There’s one more coming. I forgot, you haven’t seen most of season 3 yet.–ab]) I think Barney is kind of nuts for taking the 5 slaps for eternity. Give me the pain now and be done with it!

And I’m in total agreement with amelie’s praise for NPH and Jason Segel’s fabulous slaps. They sold those. They had to be real. There’s no way that slaps that great could have been faked. [I don’t know. I’m sure there were some fab effects and cool shots and things going on that we mortals know nothing about. I doubt anyone got really slapped.–ab]

While I loved the Robin Sparkles thing, I particularly enjoyed how Marshall really thought that Robin had a fear of the mall because he thought that she’d gotten married at a mall. Your average person would think that this was ridiculous. Having been to Minnesota’s Mall of America, I can (sadly) kind of understand where he’s coming from. Some people up there go rabid for the Mall of America. They brag about it like crazy, and while it’s a pretty awesome mall, it’s kind of a let down if you expect great things. It’s just a mall. And some people are strange enough to actually get married there. (My only exception would be Underwater World, which is kind of great. I would totally (maybe, not really) get married in Underwater World. Imagine fish swimming over your head while you say your vows. Okay, it’s cheesy, shut up.) [I didn’t say anything! Possibly because I was laughing too hard.–ab]

Watching Robin’s “Let’s Go to the Mall” video makes me cringe. How did we not realize how awful the 80s were during the 80s?

Favorite line:

Marshall: “I’m not afraid of Sasquatch, I just think we should all be on alert.”

And ditto on the monstrous penis exchange between Marshall and Barney.

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