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Facebook is going to get me fired

I’ve got at least six Scrabulous games going (including a few inactive games). I’m constantly trying to find the perfect quote for my status. I have a continuous wall quote-off with several friends. (Different shows for different friends, of course. I’ve gone through all three-and-a-half seasons of The Office, the first four seasons of The West Wing, a few key episodes of How I Met Your Mother, and even some My So-Called Life. Quoting shows makes for awesomely hilarious and random wall posts. Especially when some people put things about certain other people being on probation. For the record, I’m not now, nor have I ever been put on probation for peeing on a church.)

Now Facebook has added a chat feature, and kegger and I have been chatting all day.

It’s not like we don’t email constantly or share a blog or anything. You would think we hadn’t talked to each other in months. But the sad thing is, we’ve been emailing while we’ve been chatting.

I can’t get any work done. I’ve got a newsletter to print, a bulletin to put together, a ton of other stuff to do, but all I’m doing is goofing off on Facebook.

I’m so going to get fired.

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