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Things that make me sad

Watching Percy Daggs III in an Orbit gum commercial. Of course, this is just adding insult to injury, since the boy went from the best-friend-a-girl-could-have Wallace Fennel to pushing Hot Pockets. And now gum. Why hasn’t some show snatched him up yet?

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Comedy Night Done Right–oh, thank God.

Okay, there was much to love about last night’s Office. But since I’m still in countdown mode, here are my five favorite things about Dinner Party, in no particular order:

1. “oaky afterbirth” –I’m so going to use this in a conversation sometime. Probably it will be a conversation with kegger, since she’ll at least get the joke. But dammit, I’m going to say “oaky afterbirth” if it kills me.

2. Pam and Jim’s reactions to just about everything at Casa Levinson-Scott–Jim’s gagging in the candle room, Pam’s grin when Jim’s apartment “flooded,” the whispered talking heads, it was all spectacular.

3. Jan’s workspace–Question. Should it be called Jan Levinson Privates?

4. Andy was on fire harmonizing with Hunter’s song.

5. Michael lives in hell and Jan is the devil.

I could write a thesis on the imploding star that is Jan Levinson-noGould, but that’s for another day. Right now, all I care about is that my show is back and it’s just as awkwardly funny as ever.

Runner up: 30 Rock’s MILF Island on Erection Cove.

What? I’m 12.

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