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1. Killer Nano-robots

The episode: Health Care

The players: Pam and Jim

The prank: Michael gives Dwight the unfortunate task of picking D-M Scranton’s new health care plan. Dwight, a prime example of the corrupting influence of power, decides to cut as much as he can and asks his fellow employees to list all their diseases so he doesn’t cut something that they want covered (which I guess is a nice, if empty, gesture). Jim and Pam never let a chance to mess with Dwight go to waste and list the following diseases: Ebola, flesh-eating bacteria, leprosy, hot dog fingers, spontaneous dentohyrdoplosion, government-created killer nano-robot infection, and Count Choculitis.

I know this isn’t the flashiest prank, but it’s the exact moment I fell in love with this show. I laughed until I cried. I laughed until my sides hurt. I laughed until it was physically impossible for me to laugh anymore. And then I laughed some more. And still, no matter how many times I watch this one scene, I laugh.

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