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3. Rockin’ Robin

The episode: The Return

The players: Jim and Pam

The prank: Oh, Andy Bernard. You just can’t help but be annoying, can you? Sometimes you’re endearingly annoying (see “Take a Chance on Me”), but mostly you’re just over-the-top. So when you could not stop playing your Rockin’ Robin cell phone ring tone over and over and over and over, Big Tuna had to retaliate. He tried to be good. He really did. And he tried to enlist help other than Pam. He really did. But after being shot down by Ryan and Karen, who else was he to ask? He and Pam fell back in sync so easily, it was beautiful. A brilliant hand off, Pam’s decoy water drinking, a slip of a ceiling tile, and several unanswered phone calls later…Andy might find it pretty freakin’ unfunny, but I love it.

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