5. A Death in the Family

April 6, 2008 at 8:41 pm Leave a comment

The episode: Grief Counseling

The players: Pam, Ryan, and Kevin

The prank: Michael is devastated after learning of the death of his former boss, Ed Truck. Assuming that everyone else in D-M Scranton feels the same way, he forces his employees to sit through a torturous grief counseling session where they discuss people they’ve lost. Pam starts the prank with the story of her aunt the boxer who was paralyzed in a fight and died when her trainer pulled out her breathing tube (coughMillionDollarBabycough). Ryan picks up the thread with the tragic story of his cousin Mufasa who was trampled to death by a pack of wildebeests (What is The Lion King?).

Michael is thoroughly moved by these stories until Kevin pipes up with his story: “I was trying to throw this party once, and everyone was over for the weekend. And then my Uncle Bernie died. So then me and my best friend had to pretend like he was alive.”

Of course Michael knows the plot to Weekend and Bernie’s. Of course he does.

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6. Dwight the Vampire Slayer 4. Identity Theft Is No Joke

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