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6. Dwight the Vampire Slayer

The episode: Business School

The players: Jim with assistance from Karen

The prank: A bat gets loose in the D-M office. Panic (and hilarity) ensue as Stanley rushes out, Angela stops, drops, and rolls, Dwight creates a glue trap, and Jim pretends to get bitten. Preying on Dwight’s overdeveloped sense of all things sci-fi, Jim’s symptoms increasingly worry our wannabe slayer.

An aversion to sunlight, the glare off Angela’s crucifix, the burning yet cold garlic toast, a tingly sensation and suddenly pointy teeth all add up to one thing: “If a vampire bat was in the U.S., it would make sense for it to come to a -sylvania. Like Penn-sylvania. Now that doesn’t mean that Jim is going to become a vampire. Only that he carries the vampiric germ.”

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