You know how I know you’re me?

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amelie bee and I are remarkably similar in many, many ways. We decided that y’all need to know just how alike we really are. First up, television.

We watch a lot of television. It’s our thing; don’t judge us. Between the two of us, we watch just about any show imaginable. Here is a breakdown of the shows we like, separated by genre:


ab: I only included shows I own, because those shows generally have a high rewatchability factor (average number of times I have watched an entire season x average number of times a random, inappropriate quote from that show pops into my head a day, with bonus points if I can name the episode, season and speaker of the quote.) So while I genuinely like NewsRadio (and Will and Grace and Frasier and Cheers…), I don’t own ’em and I can’t quote ’em. And I didn’t include all the sitcoms I own, either (Scrubs, Coupling). I did include It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Flight of the Conchords—sitcoms with only one season on DVD (well, two in Sunny’s case, but they’re short seasons). I cannot count the number of times I want to tell the world that I’m the hiphopopotamus and my lyrics are bottomless. Or exclaim with awe and respect, “Goddamit, Agent Jack Bauer. You really are the man.” Or share an awkward moment between friends at the welfare store.

kegger: Ditto. Mostly. I had a very hard time deciding what to add and what not to add to sitcoms because I love sitcoms. They make me smile and giggle like an idiot. And giggling is one of my favorite pastimes. So I decided to pick the ones I watch the most, and I do have all of my choices on DVD except for Earl. And the IT Crowd (because it’s a UK television show–I was bad and downloaded the shows off the internet so that I could watch them at home. Hurry up and get here, U.S. version, and please be as awesome as the British version!!!)

ab: The American version of IT gets bonus points for having Joel McHale.

UPDATE: Since making our venn diagrams, kegger has officially made amelie bee addicted to the IT Crowd, as well. I’m so proud! 🙂


This is sort of a catch-all category for those hour-long shows that are too humorous to be dramas and too serious to be comedies.

See what we mean—we really do (almost) share a brain.

kegger: I actually don’t have any of these on DVD but I love them all anyway. But once Chuck comes out on DVD I’m totally buying it. Because that show made me giggle like a moron.

ab: It’s ok, kegger. You can borrow my first five seasons of GG (the last couple of seasons didn’t happen and you can’t make me watch them lalalala Ican’thearyou!), season 1 of The O.C., and Wonderfalls. I wanted to include Psych in this category, but analyzing its rewatchability factor made me realize that, though I do like it, it doesn’t really fit. Plus, it is far, far too silly to be a true dramedy. And I know that PD and Chuck aren’t out on DVD; I have them DVRed.


It’s hard separating dramas from dramedies. kegs and I had a long discussion over whether Veronica Mars was a drama or a dramedy. “It’s funny!” “But she gets raped!” “But I laughed a lot!” “But a busload of kids dies!” We decided to make it a drama. And we know that Pride and Prejudice is a miniseries, but it was on TV and it’s a drama and we like it.

As for Grey’s Anatomy, once George and Izzie hopped on the Gizzie train, we bailed. But we initially loved it, so seasons 1 and 2 get honors.

ab: I adore The West Wing. Well, the first three seasons of it, since that’s all I’ve seen, and I have no desire to watch it without Aaron Sorkin’s guiding hand. But I love it. And Bones, for some reason (*coughDavidBoreanazcough*), amuses me.

kegger: I am obsessed with Alias. Watching Sidney Bristow kick ass makes me want to become a spy. I freakin’ love that show! I was royally pissed that it got cancelled, even though I admit that season 5 did suck a lot.

As for Law and Order: SVU, I’m actually kind of surprised by this, because it’s usually not my type of show, and yet every time the reruns are on USA (and they’re ALWAYS on USA), I end up up watching it. Oddly enough, I rarely watch the first run episodes on NBC, but still–I like this show a lot for some reason.

And now, The Tudors, let me count the reasons why I love this show:

1. Johnathan Rhys-Meyers and his hot hot butt.

2. Henry Cavill and his hot hot butt.

3. I’m a sucker for period pieces.

4. I’m a dork and I’ve actually read a lot about Henry VIII and all of his wives, so it’s actually interesting to me. Yep, I’m odd. I know so much about this time in history, that every time they make a mistake or are inaccurate in this show, I know it. (But I forgive them, because it’s entertaining and because Johnathan Rhys-Meyers and Henry Cavill have nice asses that they show–often.)

ab: You know the one thing August Rush was missing, other than a believable plot? JR-M ass.


kegger: I don’t know what it was about Firefly, Buffy, and Doctor Who, but all three of those shows just somehow suck you in and get you addicted.

ab: So now the question is, kegger, Nine or Ten?

kegger and ab: Nine. Definitely

kegger: As for BSG: I loved season 1 and 2. Season 3? Not so much. But I’ll continue to watch since there’s only one more season left and I want to see what happens, but ultimately, I think the show is dying a slow and painful death, which is sad, because it started out great.

ab: Look, BSG fans: I’ve tried. I’ve really, really tried. I want to like it. I should like it. But I don’t get it. It’s too dark, too depressing. Too…not me. Not even Jamie Bamber and his frak-tabulous arms can make me watch it. Sorry.


ab: Tim Gunn rules.

kegger: ditto. LOVE Tim Gunn.

ab: also–chicks, man.

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