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People you’d hate in real life

As kegger can tell you, I watch a lot of television. It’s my hobby, and yes, I know how lame that sounds. Because of the strike, my tv-watching habits have changed drastically. I mostly watch DVDs now, and nothing is appointment television at the moment. (that will change April 10 when The Office makes its glorious return to the world.) I’ve been evaluating my favorite television shows, and I realized something: I mostly like shows with characters whom I would hate in real life.

For instance, my favorite show–hands down, without question, I-wouldn’t-survive-desert-island-life-without it–is Arrested Development. I jumped on the Bluth bandwagon a little late, but I’ve watched the DVDs so much I’ve practically burned holes in them. Give me a quote and I can tell you at the very least who said it and to whom, if not the episode title and season. Shut up. It is too a talent.


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