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A rant

I have to bitch a little today.  Being my age at this time kind of sucks.  The housing market is ridiculous.  I’m beginning to think that I’ll NEVER get ahead or be able to afford to buy my own house.  Every day on the news they talk about the housing market slump, and about how housing prices have dropped 5%.  Well, you know what?  THAT’S NOT ENOUGH!  They need to freaking drop 50%, not 5%.  My husband’s parents bought their 3 bedroom, 2 bath house in 1980ish for freaking $50,000.  Now a house that’s SMALLER than theirs sells for over $150,000.  That’s just not right.  How are people in their 20’s who are just starting out ever going to be able to get ahead?  I keep hearing crap about how our generation is going to be the first generation ever to NOT make more than our parents, and I think they’re right.  We get paid less and we do the same amount of money, and the only way to make more money is to job hop.  And I don’t want to job hop!  I like my job!  But I also want to be comfortable.  Not rich, just comfortable.  And I know that people will probably say, “But people get paid more now than they did in 1980.  I DON’T!  My salary is crap!  And I expect most people in their mid 20’s would say the same thing.  We’re never going to be able to afford to buy a house or have kids at this rate.  I hate to admit it, because I know that the housing slump really is hurting people, but every day when I hear that the housing market is getting WORSE instead of better, I kind of smile.  I like that it’s going under, I take great pleasure in the fact that it’s going under and that stingy mortgage companies are suffering.  Because there’s no reason for these houses to cost so much.  And half of the people that they’ve given loans to should probably have never gotten them to begin with.  I don’t think a bank should loan you money when they KNOW it’s going to kick your ass and that you’ll probably never be able to pay it off. And most of the stupid houses are built much more poorly than they were a few decades ago.  I know this because I have a geological engineer friend who has watched half of these houses in our area being built and they aren’t pressing the ground enough before they pour the foundation, which means that these brand new nice, luxury, expensive houses are going to have MAJOR foundation cracks in about five years.   I could go on for days and days about how annoyed I am with the housing market and the crappy salaries that a 20 something like me makes–WITH a college degree, but instead, I think I’ll jump to another topic. 

 If you vote for Barak Obama ONLY because Oprah is endorsing him, then you’re stupid.  If you like him, then go for it, vote for him.  But if the fact that Oprah likes him has made YOU like him, then I can’t insult you enough.  You’re stupid.  It’s one thing to read a book from Oprah’s book club because she liked it and recommended it.  It’s another thing altogether to vote for someone because she likes him.  And if you vote for Mike Huckabee just because Chuck Norris likes him, then you’re stupid, too!!  Last weekend I was watching the news report about how responsive everyone was to Oprah’s endorsement and it made me think.  Are people seriously going to vote for him just because she likes him?  Because that really just blows my mind.  Like I said, if you like him, vote for him!  But if you’re only going to vote for him because Oprah told you to, then… I don’t know what else to say.  You’re just stupid. 

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