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Conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theories kind of fascinate me.  Not to say that I BELIEVE in most conspiracy theories, but they’re definitely entertaining and interesting for the most part.  There’s an older lady at work who I recently discovered REALLY believes in most conspiracy theories.  She keeps quiet about it at work for obvious reasons, but somehow I got it out of her.  She had a book that was slammed full of practically every single freaking conspiracy theory that I’ve ever heard.  And suprise!  They’re somehow all related! 

I skimmed through it, but most of the stuff in it seemed so ridiculous that I just couldn’t take it seriously, and I couldn’t make myself read it in depth.  If any of the more believable conspiracy theories ARE true, the nut that wrote this book made them completely ridiculous and laughable. 

And then there’s the worst part.  The author of the book himself.  He used to be a soccer player in England and then he flipped out.  He started hanging out with a spirit guide who told him that he was going to be a “great healer.”  So then he started wearing only turquoise (WTF?!  What does that have to do with being a healer?!) and telling everyone that he was Jesus.  He also began making dire predictions, about England being devastated by earthquakes and tidal waves, but that hasn’t happened yet. 

Somehow, he went from being Jesus, to claiming that Jesus doesn’t really exist, and that it was a story planted by the reptilian humanoids that secretly rule the world.  Oh, and we’re also Martians.  As in, we originally were from Mars.  Well, white people are from Mars.  Black people are actually from Venus. 

My question is, where the heck do people get these ideas from?  Some conspiracy theories I can understand.  (Like, I totally think that the murder of JFK was a conspiracy.  And I even kind of think that Princess Diana’s death was a conspiracy.  But I DON’T believe that the world is secretly ruled by a reptilian race. 

 Thoughts?  What other strange conspiracy theories are out there? 

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Friday’s Photo


I took this last year in the Grove. Not fantastic, but it’s the only close up leaves picture I have handy right now, and I’m in a very festive fall mood today. The leaves are just now starting to change and I absolutely love this time of year. Happy Friday!

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