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The Awesoming of my Vocabulary

awe·some [aw-suhm] 1. inspiring awe: an awesome sight. 2. showing or characterized by awe. 3. Slang. very impressive: That guy Barney is totally awesome.

Who in the pop culture heirarchy decided that “awesome” is such a, well, awesome word? I used to hate that word. I thought it was lame and old-fashioned and I would never say it. So now that I say it all the time, does that make me lame and old-fashioned? Since no one wants to be lame or old-fashioned, I’m going to say no.

Here’s how the word “awesome” sneaked its way into my vocabulary. I fully blame my addiction to television. I blame How I Met Your Mother. Legendary events on that show aren’t labeled “cool” or “neat,” they are awesome. One character, Barney Stinson, describes himself as awesome. “When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story.”

I also blame the show Chuck. Not only do the characters on that show use the word “awesome,” one character is even named Captain Awesome. And it’s not lame! I don’t know how they did that, but damn if I don’t find Captain Awesome the antithesis of lame. He’s a doctor, he’s fun, he’s a cool guy. He declares things like group hugs awesome. I guess with the name Captain Awesome, he pretty much has to be awesome.

There are many other shows that use the word “awesome.” The Office (“So is the question ‘How’d I get to be so awesome?'”), Supernatural (“Awesome!” “Dean, could you be a bigger geek about this?”), Veronica Mars (“Honestly! I was awesome, right?”), and Gilmore Girls (“Oh, that’s awesome. It’s chocolate pie with Oreo cookie crust, and sometimes you can get Luke to put gummy worms in it, like worms in the mud, so, you can imagine.”) I could go on and on about the awesoming of television, but you get the picture.

Since these are all shows that I have or currently do watch, you can see how, bit by bit, the word “awesome” has slipped into my everyday vocabulary. If I took the time to actually count the number of times I say “awesome,” it would probably be a scary high number. But I don’t care, because the word awesome isn’t lame or old-fashioned. It’s awesome.

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