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Friday’s Photo

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Thanks, Doctor Who

No Friday’s Photo from me. Technically it’s kegger’s turn.

My mom, being the polite Southerner that she is, has always stressed the importance of writing prompt, thoughtful thank-you notes after getting a gift. Lesson learned, Mom.

Dear Doctor,

Thank you so much for the most recent episode of your show to air in the US, “Blink.” This episode is the reason that I will forever be deathly afraid of statues. This episode is also the reason that I have a vision of blank-eyed, demonic, pointy-teethed concrete angels burned into my imagination. You know how when you stare at a light too long and then squeeze your eyes shut, you see the echo of the light against your eyelids? Those freaky-ass quantum creatures are now permanently imprinted against my eyelids. Thanks for that, Doctor. I really appreciate the nightmares I’m sure to have tonight.

The small bits of whimsy–which I thoroughly appreciated and even giggled at despite my terror–did very little to curb my fear. Timey-whimey detectors that go ding when there’s stuff aren’t enough to stop the weeping angels from coming after me in the dark. Even if they are just coming for me in my imagination.

Thank you also for making my brain work overtime to deal not only with the terror, but also the possibility of something that’s only alive when you look at it, does not exist when you do, but somehow can still be. It isn’t just these creatures non-existence that is so scary, either. It’s what they do–feeding off potential life. The choices, the possibilities, the split-second decisions that make a life–gone. It’s brilliant how they kill you slowly with time, time that isn’t your own anymore but that you have to take control of anyway because there’s no way out. And when–if–you catch up to your original timeline, you die. There’s no potential left for you. The creatures have already sucked it dry.

Thank you again, Doctor, for bringing “Blink” into my life. It is sure to stay with me for a long, long time, and definitely not in a good way.




I like to share the wealth whenever possible. Sweet dreams!


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