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My dog is a princess


I have a great dane.  She’s big.  She’s not the type of dog that you would expect to act like a pampered little snot.  And she really doesn’t.  EXCEPT when it rains.  And then, she turns into a pampered little snot.  Or, pampered BIG snot, actually. 

My dog will NOT willingly pee or poop in the rain.  She looks at me like I’m stupid when I try to get her to go outside when it rains. 

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain hitting my roof.  I LOVE sleeping while it rains, you can’t beat laying in bed on a rainy day.  But NO!  It’s a Tuesday, I have to get up and go to work, I don’t get to sleep during the nice, wonderful rain.  So I got up and called the dog for her to go outside.  She went outside and stood under the carport and saw the rain and looked at me with the most pitiful, pathetic look on her face.  So I go get my raincoat, thinking that if I go outside in the rain, she will too.  Nope.  I go out in the rain, and she just looks at me from the carport.  So!  THEN I go and get the umbrella, and I have to physically DRAG my dog out in the rain, and hold an umbrella over her so she can pee without getting wet. 

My dog is officially a spoiled princess. 

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