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The Dog Count, Part 1

dog bowl
When I was three, our neighbors gave us two black lab puppies. Being a three-year-old, I was not involved in the naming process, which was probably a sound parental decision (more on that later). Our dogs Bo and Shannon, were playful, energetic pups who liked to scare the living bejeezus out of me on a regular basis. Their favorite game was “Dance with ameliebee”. The rules were simple. Bo put his front paws on my shoulders from the back while Shannon did the same from the front. Then they would dance me around the yard, to the tune of my screaming and crying. And after my mom would rescue me, being the glutton for torture than I am, I would promptly turn around and go back outside. I was a little slow as a kid. Humans: 3, Dogs: 2

A year or so later, after we had moved to the lake, Shannon had puppies in the middle of a blizzard. Sadly, because it was so cold and because she chose to go into labor in the middle of the night with no warning to her human companions, only one of the puppies survived. Once again, I was not consulted in the naming of the puppy. My dad named him Greystoke, and if you catch that literary reference, I owe you a cookie. Humans: 3, Dogs: 3

We had to move back into town for a while and lived in an apartment with the tiniest fenced-in back yard. Moving to a tiny-ass piece of grass from being able to roam the woods on a daily basis was hard for the dogs, especially Grey. He escaped more than once and was tracked down by the cops at various liquor stores and high school football games. What can I say? I live in Mississippi.

When we were able to move back to the lake, Grey ran off for good. Shortly thereafter, Shannon was hit by a car on the highway and died. The day my dad found her on the side of the road was a sad day. Bo was the only one to keep on keepin’ on. Humans: 3, Dogs: 1

One of my mother’s students heard about our loss of dogs, and decided to give us a puppy from his dog. Who got to name the dog? Yeah, that would not be ameliebee. This black lab was named Cosmos (you know, black like the cosmos? I grew up with a nerd for a father. Deal with it). Later, we were begged to take on another puppy from Cosmos’ litter when her owners had to move. She was already named Samba. Humans: 3, Dogs: 3

We were later given another puppy, this one a mutt of the fiest-Jack Russell Terrier kind. And guess who got to name her? Finally, it was my turn. No more weird names that meant nothing to me. What name did I choose, on this, my first time naming a dog? You really want to know? You really want to know? Fine. I named her Whiskey. Shut up. Humans: 3, Dogs: 4

This was the final count for many years. Find out what happened next in part 2.

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